Sep. 18th, 2017 11:31 am
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Kale-Walnut Saute with Pan-Roasted Pork Chops.
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One of the apple guys at the farmers' market had quinces. So now my weekend project list has suddenly expanded to making cotignac.
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I may be all by myself in the office today (or the intern might show up, I'm not sure). Either way hopefully I will be able to get a lot done, because one cow-orker is in Hawaii this week and another is taking three weeks off to get married and honeymoon. The nerve!

I have a work thing after work tonight, so I'm also staying late. I had planned to bring my home laptop, so that I could do some work on my volunteer job between work and the work thing. But I forgot this morning.
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I burned my ring finger slightly when I was pulling out a steam pan from the oven. Nothing severe - it didn't even blister. However, the burn is right across my wedding ring divot, so I am keeping the ring off for the next week.


Sep. 10th, 2017 12:59 pm
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Old-School Deli Rye.
"When Americans think of rye bread, most envision the football-shaped rye breads that came from neighborhood Jewish or German bakeries. This old-style Jewish rye traces its roots to the breads of Ukraine and southern Poland, which produced both rye and wheat... this is the bread that sets the standard for authentic New York-style corned beef, pastrami, and Reuben sandwiches."
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The heat came back after a couple spatters of sky-water. The mugginess made it feel like it was 10 degrees warmer.
The only one who slept well was the cat, but he gets plenty of practice. Between 3-day-weekend work catchup and the fatigue, it's a rough Monday Tuesday.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Boiled Scrambled Eggses.
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Uuugh. I got to sleep late because of the heat. Then the smoke alarm decided to chirp at 0-dark-thirty and I never got back to sleep.
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Ten points to anyone who gets the header reference.

This week's Resolution Recipe: Rough Puff Pastry.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Another preparation. (Meat/herb pies.)
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I broke a shoelace this morning while getting ready for work. It was relatively new.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Hatch Chile Stuffed Pork Tenderloin.
Or as I made it, Hatch Chile-Topped Pork Tenderloin. )
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For any of us.
Galen woke us up several times with frantic meowing, eventually followed by frantic puking.

So tired today.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: the Trinidad Sour.
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I didn't have a great night. I woke up around 2 AM with a sinus headache that persisted. It escalated to medium hangover-feeling status (fortunately, without some of the more extreme symptoms I sometimes get). I've mostly medicated it into submission but I'm tired and blah. Work ethic level: low.
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All things must end. For the first time in my life, I have a dental cavity.
Also, I need to start using a night guard. Stress (of the two jobs, undoubtedly) is making me grind my teeth.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Pasta with Olives.
"This dish is just great, if you like olives. I have no amounts, but then, you will not need them."
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I bought some pork to start a modern Spanish chorizo today. Then I realized... I really didn't want to. I was just doing it because I have a free(ish) weekend and there's nothing in the curing chamber.

So you know what? Not gonna.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Chicken with Chiles.
"The first time you encounter this dish, it appears terrifyingly spicy... the chiles that make the dish look so dramatic are used to give fragrance and a gentle spiciness to the cooking oil and are not usually eaten."
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(Said in Family Guy voice)
Good weekend, but exhausting. We had the GSP picnic to decide our annual show; I'm happy with what we chose, although it means some work upfront for me. (Which I volunteered for.)
Then socializing with Hirsch and Aldith, crashing at their place before the Sunday officers' meeting. The latter went as well as could be expected.

Tired now; I kind of want a rinse-off shower and an early night. And then a weekend to make up for not having one.


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