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This week's Resolution Recipe: Another preparation. (Meat/herb pies.)
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I broke a shoelace this morning while getting ready for work. It was relatively new.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Hatch Chile Stuffed Pork Tenderloin.
Or as I made it, Hatch Chile-Topped Pork Tenderloin. )
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For any of us.
Galen woke us up several times with frantic meowing, eventually followed by frantic puking.

So tired today.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: the Trinidad Sour.
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I didn't have a great night. I woke up around 2 AM with a sinus headache that persisted. It escalated to medium hangover-feeling status (fortunately, without some of the more extreme symptoms I sometimes get). I've mostly medicated it into submission but I'm tired and blah. Work ethic level: low.
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All things must end. For the first time in my life, I have a dental cavity.
Also, I need to start using a night guard. Stress (of the two jobs, undoubtedly) is making me grind my teeth.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Pasta with Olives.
"This dish is just great, if you like olives. I have no amounts, but then, you will not need them."
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I bought some pork to start a modern Spanish chorizo today. Then I realized... I really didn't want to. I was just doing it because I have a free(ish) weekend and there's nothing in the curing chamber.

So you know what? Not gonna.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Chicken with Chiles.
"The first time you encounter this dish, it appears terrifyingly spicy... the chiles that make the dish look so dramatic are used to give fragrance and a gentle spiciness to the cooking oil and are not usually eaten."
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(Said in Family Guy voice)
Good weekend, but exhausting. We had the GSP picnic to decide our annual show; I'm happy with what we chose, although it means some work upfront for me. (Which I volunteered for.)
Then socializing with Hirsch and Aldith, crashing at their place before the Sunday officers' meeting. The latter went as well as could be expected.

Tired now; I kind of want a rinse-off shower and an early night. And then a weekend to make up for not having one.

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This week's Resolution Recipe: Frisian Black Bread.
Hopefully someone gets the header joke. I spent way too much time coming up with it.
This requires a long time investment, but maybe only 40 minutes of hands-on work.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Another Preparation. (Preserved Chickpeas)
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I went to SF in SF for the first time in quite a while last night. They often run them on Sunday evenings, so I tend not to go unless there's an author I want to hear/get books signed. In this case it was two - one local, one formerly local now in Oregon. I've quite enjoyed both their books, which are quite different but maybe share a sense of humor. I haven't quite enjoyed them enough to buy them; my bar for buying books has gotten pretty high the last five years.

Megan O'Keefe has written a steampunkish fantasy trilogy centering around two con artists. I like well-done heist novels, and the characters are fun. (Plus the interactions are Wodehouse-esque.) Curtis Chen has written a couple sci-fi novels about a spy with a superpower (he can open a "pocket" to an empty parallel universe, which is handy for storing stuff). But the spy is hardly James Bond; he's a total amateur.

Both authors read from a couple of their works and took questions. I enjoyed it. The only downside was suffering a major calf cramp as I jogged across a busy intersection. I couldn't exactly do anything about it, and limping the 3 blocks to where I parked didn't help matters. It's better today although still bugging me.
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This week's Resolution Recipe is in honor of July Fourth: The Stone Fence.
It's an 18th c. American colonial drink, so it seemed appropriate.
McNair, get Mr. Hopkins a rum. )

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A downside to using the sous vide for sausage poaching: a recipe that is optimized for normal poaching will taste overly salty when cooked sous vide. Because it hasn't had flavor leached out in the water.

Now I know to cut salt in these recipes by a good 10-20%.
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Not a good night last night.
First there was yowling. Then a hairball. Then the mandatory grooming ("Monkey, I am upset and want comfort and this taste out of my mouth, so I will lick your face"). Then a few hours later, more yowling. Followed by throwing up.

I love the little bugger, but I wish his Siamese half had not gone as neurotic.

Second coffee today.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Cream Cheese Strawberry Shortcake.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Mushroom Sauce.
"This versatile preparation can be used as a stuffing for ravioli or to sauce meat; blended with cream for a sauce; or simply served as a bed for sauteed or roasted fish, which is what I recommend here."
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We now have somewhat-matching dents on each side of the front bumper.
Also, a tire leak. Again. Remind me never to buy tires there ever again.


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