Feb. 21st, 2017

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Galen had a whole week without throwing up. He was eating, and we thought he might have turned a corner.
Then he had a whole week of throwing up. No cause that we can see - we didn't leave for extended times (he has separation anxiety among his other Siamesey neuroses), we didn't change his food, his water dish was clean, etc. Most worrisome, there were two straight days where he didn't leave anything solid in the litterbox because he was throwing up everything in his stomach.

We've been feeding him low-impact wet food and small amounts of similar dry for years now. The wet food is unicorn meat from the vet (at the price we pay, I assume it's unicorn) and it's the cat equivalent of Melba toast. Last time we went through this, we supplemented the Melba toast with jam: nursing mother cat food and kitten food. Both are high-calorie food and since he's a grazer who will only eat certain amounts, we just have to get calories into him. That's been working more-or-less until this last puking week.

After the last couple days we resorted to Defcon Cat One: adding in human baby food. Specifically, chicken and turkey. Which, continuing the Melba toast/jam analogy, I guess is Almond Roca? It's only meat with no supplements, so it shouldn't be too bad for him (although it's higher in salt than he should probably have). Yesterday, he yummed that right up. And promptly used the litterbox.

Joyful quote: "We have poo!"
We might try grinding up some boiled chicken thighs to get around the salt issue. But until he gains back a couple pounds, baby food + unicorn meat it is.

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This week's Resolution Recipe: The Four Horsemen Cocktail.
"To construct this cocktail in foodie terms, the whiskey is the protein of the drink; the Amaro, the starch; the apricot liqueur, the vegetables; and the bitters, the seasoning or sauce."
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