Apr. 25th, 2017

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The 1000-mile road trip to LA* was good overall. I really enjoy the West Coast Culinary Symposium; it's nerding within a specific subgroup of nerds. We even tried Pea Soup Andersen's, which as a kid I always wanted to do. (Review: meh.)

However, we hit epic traffic even by LA standards. We hit Pasadena around 12:30ish and were in stop-and-go for the next four hours. That did a number on the car: our brand-new tire got a flat (which apparently was the fault of the tire failing, not driving over a nail) and our rear brake pads ground down to nothing. So half the drive home Sunday was on screechy grinding brakes. That was as much fun as it sounds.

I took yesterday off, planning to do laundry, shopping, and relax before the flood of catch-up work today. Instead we spent much of the day at the tire shop. But at least it's fixed now.

(Except for the tire pressure light, which came back on about ten miles from the tire place. Really?)

*Yes, I am aware that we were significantly outside LA proper. (Hemet, for the curious.) To a Northern Californian - even one like me who spent time down there - anything that requires driving in the vague vicinity of LA is LA.


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