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This week's Resolution Recipe: Frisian Black Bread.
Hopefully someone gets the header joke. I spent way too much time coming up with it.
This requires a long time investment, but maybe only 40 minutes of hands-on work.

Stage 1 sponge (Day 1, evening)
20 g rye sour culture
333 g water
167 g rye flour

[If you don't have a rye sour culture, start one a week ahead: Mix 70 g rye flour and 70 g water. Let sit for a day. The next day, discard all but 35 g; mix in 35 g each rye flour and water. Continue this for a week.]

Mix sponge ingredients by hand until incorporated, cover, and ferment at room temperature (70 F) overnight, 10-12 hours. The sponge should be very bubbly, have a clean sour smell, and doubled in volume.

Stage 2 sponge (Day 2, morning)
167 g rye flour
167 g white flour
250 g water
520 g stage 1 sponge

Mix all together by hand, cover, and ferment at room temperature until bubbly and well expanded, 6-8 hours.

Final dough (Day 2, afternoon)
1104 g stage 2 sponge
167 g white flour
12 g salt
28 g honey

Combine sponge, flour, salt, and honey in the mixer and use the paddle at low (Kitchenaid speed 2) to mix until the dough is thick but still fluid like a heavy batter, 6-8 minutes. Cover and ferment at room until the surface of the dough shows bubbles, 30-45 minutes.

Pour into a well greased loaf pan, put into a cold oven, and proof until the dough approaches the rim of the pan, 30-45 minutes.

With the dough in the oven, heat the oven to 460 F. Bake for 20 minutes once it has reached temperature, then lower the temperature to 375 F and bake for 75-80 minutes, until the loaf thumps when tapped with a finger. Remove from the pan and transfer to a rack. Let stand for at least 24 hours before slicing.

What worked: This was delicious. Good sour taste, good earthy rye flavor, nice open crumb from being super-hydrated.

What didn't: I kept a rye sour culture from the last loaf I made from this book. But that was a while ago, and I didn't feed it and left it in the fridge, and it got moldy. I had to toss it and start over making a new culture.

I'm not sure if the batter was too active or if I miscalculated on water amounts somewhere, but the batter was nearly to the top of the loaf pan when I initially poured it in. It started schlorping over a bit during the next 40 minutes, and it only continued that during the process. I'd put a pan underneath, but it was a bit overwhelmed and the smoke alarm went off from dough dripping onto the oven floor.

Things you never expect to say: "The rye bread is rising too much!"

Will I make it again? It's almost gone already. Definitely.

Date: 2017-07-16 10:44 pm (UTC)
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I got it. Its too hot today, so ill be Heatmiser.


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