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Four pints of apricot jam potted up. It might be slightly runnier than the ideal, but that's what happens when not using pectin and trying to get it done on a week-night.
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I got up late. Partly because I didn't sleep incredibly well - the cat threw up during the night, then demanded to sit on my chest and groom my face to comfort himself. I didn't get back to sleep for a while.

That put me behind in leaving, so I watched my usual bus go by as I turned the corner towards the stop. I took my backup bus and BART instead, which gets me to work a couple minutes later (no big deal; I just generally prefer not to transfer).

When I got to the office, I discovered I'd left my ID and key inside last night. This is the first time in five years that I've done that.

Waiting for the next small shoe to drop...
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Herb and Cheese Empanadas.
There are a few steps involved, but each one is simple. )

Pea? Check.

May. 9th, 2017 11:15 am
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Another preparation for a Saturday.
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I don't know why my brain decided that I needed an anxiety dream about being a high school student in France, but it did. Thanks, brain. This second cup of coffee is because of you.

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This week's Resolution Recipe: Brown Sugar Sour Cream Pound Cake.
Advanced a couple weeks by popular demand )

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Wendy and Josh came over last night. The original plan was to make a blitzkrieg shopping trip to Bitters & Bottles before going out to dinner, but between him getting off work late and Giants game-day traffic, there wasn't enough time. Instead we drove over the hill to Third Rail, which is a new-ish bar less than ten minutes' drive away (too many steep hills in between to walk comfortably) for a pre-dinner cocktail.

Did I mention that Third Rail makes their own jerky, and does jerky pairings to go with their (very nice) drinks? We did not actually try said jerky due to aforementioned dinner plans, but I'm sure it will happen at some point. I liked the place and when I want a high-end cocktail that's close by, that will be a go-to.

We quickly drove home and got a cab, since the restaurant is close enough to the ballpark that finding parking was likely to be impossible. Plus this way we could have another cocktail with dinner! We went to Cockscomb -- Dawn and I went there last year for our anniversary and it's much better with four people. We split the "hot mess", foie and roasted pig trotter, which was excellent; a ramp "fondue" which was really just a plate of melted cheese and ramps, good but not spectacular; and lamb chops and shoulder, which was quite good. Obviously rather rich and we didn't finish the lamb.

Neither the wife nor I slept all that well after the rich food and booze, but it was a fun night out with friends. I'd do it again, but not any time soon please.

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This week's Resolution Recipe: Zurwonada.
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The 1000-mile road trip to LA* was good overall. I really enjoy the West Coast Culinary Symposium; it's nerding within a specific subgroup of nerds. We even tried Pea Soup Andersen's, which as a kid I always wanted to do. (Review: meh.)

However, we hit epic traffic even by LA standards. We hit Pasadena around 12:30ish and were in stop-and-go for the next four hours. That did a number on the car: our brand-new tire got a flat (which apparently was the fault of the tire failing, not driving over a nail) and our rear brake pads ground down to nothing. So half the drive home Sunday was on screechy grinding brakes. That was as much fun as it sounds.

I took yesterday off, planning to do laundry, shopping, and relax before the flood of catch-up work today. Instead we spent much of the day at the tire shop. But at least it's fixed now.

(Except for the tire pressure light, which came back on about ten miles from the tire place. Really?)

*Yes, I am aware that we were significantly outside LA proper. (Hemet, for the curious.) To a Northern Californian - even one like me who spent time down there - anything that requires driving in the vague vicinity of LA is LA.
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Galen has been more snuggly at night lately. I want to encourage this, because I grew up with a cat that slept on my bed every night. I'm happy to have a cat to curl around while I sleep.

Unfortunately, about half the time he is laying on my chest. Which makes it much harder for me to sleep - both from the weight, and from not being able to move. I'd be much happier if he simply stretched out from my crotch to my knees.

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This week's Resolution Recipe: Pain de Mie, aka "English muffin toasting bread"
I'm not a huge fan of the no-knead bread recipes. I decided to try one anyway, just for the hell of it.
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"The hours passed, like a kidney stone." -Ursula Vernon

That feels way too apropos today.
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I deleted my LiveJournal account. That felt weird.
I was afraid this would happen when it was sold to a Russian company, but I wasn't incented to do anything until they moved the servers there (after explicitly promising never to do so).
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I had dreams about reconciling gate.
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"I'm having a difficult time concentrating today. It'd be bad to leave work and start drinking, right?"
"Drink at your desk."
"...Why didn't I think of that?"
"Beats the hell out of me. Seemed like the obvious solution."

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I'm going to delete my LJ account in a couple weeks.


Apr. 5th, 2017 01:28 pm
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Pulled Pork.
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Ugh. I habe a code. I'b hade id sidce last week.
I was getting better, but then I went to Crown. Fortunately I wasn't camping (and setting up / breaking down the encampment) but still, I didn't sleep well and I probably overstressed my body, prolonging the cold.

I think I'm going home early today for a nap. I might work from home tomorrow so I can nap there too.

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This week's Resolution Recipe: Auvergne Rye-Wheat Boule. Aka Pain de Meteil d'Auvergne.
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