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"I'm having a difficult time concentrating today. It'd be bad to leave work and start drinking, right?"
"Drink at your desk."
"...Why didn't I think of that?"
"Beats the hell out of me. Seemed like the obvious solution."

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Things are a bit stressy right now. I probably won't see people before some of it passes, but if I do and I'm a bit short - please try to understand.

Quarter-end exchequer reports are actually going better than I'd hoped. I've gotten lots of help and the past efforts to get people caught up seem to be paying off. I still have to spend a fair amount of time with last-minute "Aaagh! I can't get this to balance!" people, but I expected that and it's fine. Saying I don't begrudge spending the time is, in fact, a lie - I really do, I'd rather be watching a movie with the wife and relaxing - but I don't begrudge having to do it. I wouldn't offer help if I didn't expect it to be taken and I won't blame the people for the time.

Work is the major part. We've gotten to a size where we're undergoing our first SEC audit. It's routine and we're doing everything we can to keep it so. However, this still means that we have a ginormous amount of information to pull in less than a week's time. I expect I'll be staying late all week. I barked at one of my (non-involved) cow-orkers last night because he kept bugging me for some trivial information that he never remembers how to get himself. I apologized today but I kind of feel justified...

I've been sliding into having a second cup of coffee at work more often. I'm trying to prevent from that becoming a full-blown habit. That means that days like today, where I really could use one, I'm not getting it. I had a second yesterday so I'm trying to force a weekly limit.

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My alarm went off as usual this morning, although it was louder than usual. I hit the snooze button, thinking that I must have bumped the volume when I put on the white noise at bedtime. I drifted back into a snooze but woke up fully before the alarm went off again. which point I found out it was an hour before my alarm was due to go off. I hate when my brain does that.

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Zinziber's publication date was pushed back. Again. It was originally due October 2015, I think? Prospect Books not getting it done is the most likely culprit but [ profile] aryanhwy, you should hit up your colleague for an explanation. Says the self-entitled impatient purchaser.

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I didn't think about the terrazzo repair. The office is a room on the front of the house, and the workers are grinding the outside front stoop. With loud grindy machines. That grind. Loudly.

I'm not blaming them - it's what we hired them to do. But I really should have seen this coming.

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The shoulder pain got so bad that I couldn't lift my arm past horizontal. I actually tried to make a doctor's appointment. I knew full well this would likely result in a one-week wait followed by "It's cleared up, so, um..." and honestly the clearing up was really the goal here. I'd forgotten exactly why I don't have an assigned primary care GP physician: finding one sucks.

Our work insurance is middling. It's at least not Cigna, which I had a couple employers ago, and whose model is similar to Dell's and AT&T: make the process as painful as possible so that your customers go away in frustration and you don't have to pay for what they want. It's also not Kaiser, which can be really annoying with its rationing (hello single-payer!) but is really good at some of the basics (which is mostly what I want). Oh well; my boss really doesn't want Kaiser because one of his kids has some weird medical problems so we're never going to get it.

Anyway. I launched the website and searched for GPs accepting new patients. Found a few close by that looked reasonable (I mean, how do you check? Yelp isn't exactly set up for this) and started calling.
1) no response.
2) doctor no longer with that practice.
3) no response.
4) doctor no longer with that practice.
5) give up.

Instead, last night the wife applied several doses of liniment (side note: what is the difference between liniment, ointment, and unguent? Is there one? I wish I still had access to the OED) and I took a heavy dose of knockout OTC sleep drug, on the theory that I was doing something wrong. Apparently that was the case: this morning I have a muscle ache, not a stabbing pain.

Now to try to figure out what it is I am doing during the night... and how to fix it. It's progress, anyway.
But I still need to find a general practitioner on general principles.

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Dear Patisserie Philippe: a croissant is crescent-shaped. Hence the name. A cylinder of dough with a stick of chocolate in it is a "pain au chocolat". Not a chocolate croissant.

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I made a discovery this morning.
The clock/radio has a button on the bottom for Daylight Savings Time. You push it and the time automatically goes back an hour.
If you accidentally push it before bed while trying to reset the radio to the proper station, and don't notice... well, I had taken my shower and was starting breakfast when I wondered why the kitchen clock and my watch both claimed it was 5 AM.

So, um, yeah. I went back to bed after breakfast, but just on principle because I wasn't going to go back to sleep. Snuggling with the wife and cat for half an hour was nice - but more sleep would have been nicer.

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I work in finance. So why haven't I looked into refinancing my student loans any time in the last five years?

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I burned the crap out of the roof of my mouth Saturday. Being stupid - I know how hot boiling sugar is and how sticky it can be. I don't think I'll be eating/drinking anything hot for the next week or so. Or eating anything pointy, for that matter.

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It's not an "ATM Machine". Nor is it a "PIN number". You're a reasonably accomplished author with professional editors and everything; get it right.


Mar. 5th, 2015 07:08 am
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We had cleaners, yesterday. They are generally adequate. Mostly. I have given up hope that we will be able to find and keep good cleaners.
But I despair, occasionally. As with yesterday, when I opened the sourdough crock on the counter and discovered that they had cleaned it.

(No, I don't have a backup anymore. I gave them away or used them. I suppose I should look upon this as an opportunity to try to establish a genuine SF culture... but it's too early for that.)

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I woke up around 4 AM to the sound of the cat barfing. I reluctantly got up and searched around, but couldn't find it. Went back to bed - but not to sleep, because Galen crawled up my chest to purr and groom my face. This is a standard post-barf thing for him; I assume he wants reassurance after the awful throw-up, and also to get the taste out of his mouth.

I try not to think about the last part.

Despite not being able to fall back asleep before the alarm, I got up around on time and got ready to leave. That's when I discovered where Galen had barfed: on my work bag. Specifically, on the strap. The one I throw over my head.

...yeah. I spent a few minutes cleaning everything, including me. And quietly cursing the cat. Finally I got out the door. Feeling a little blah I decided to take the bus if I timed it right.

Normally I walk the mile to the BART station. It's flat and generally not too skeezy (depending on where the bums are passed out, but at least I don't have to deal with gang members). If I am feeling lazy I can occasionally catch the bus at the base of the hill to BART instead. This doesn't happen often; I try to walk most of the time. Also, that bus goes past the union hall so they have a tendency to run... somewhat irregularly. I assume they turn off their transponders so they can take smoke or beer breaks. You can't trust the "next bus" listing. Getting to the base of the hill and seeing "next bus: 33 minutes" might mean 33 minutes or it might mean 3. Or 50.

However, getting to the base of the hill and seeing the rear view of the bus is a pretty good indication. By how much did I miss the bus? Maybe thirty seconds. How long did it take to clean up the cat barf? A few minutes.

Not the best start to the work day.

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I decided to come into the office today rather than work from home. My office is near Market. I'm not going to the parade, but I thought it would be nice to soak in some of the ambiance. I knew the afternoon commute might be screwed up, but what the hey.

This morning's commute was screwed up. Daly City problem, so BART trains weren't running regularly. I was late to work.

Then my brand-spanking-new ginormous monitors, which we set up Wednesday and were working just fine, weren't reading at all today. I almost ragequit and went home, except for the aforementioned BART problem which meant that I wouldn't get home for a long time.

I eventually found the old monitors and clunky cables, and restored the status quo ante. But today is already shot, as far as I'm concerned.

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Our home DSL was down this morning when I went into work (aka the study, since I usually work Fridays from home). I rebooted everything. No luck. Then I tried calling tech support. They weren't open.

So, I'm in the office today. I had a whole bunch of projects planned today (smoking peppers, converting tomatoes to paste) which could be worked around doing work-work, but not now.

Hopefully the wife is able to get them to fix it today.

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(Mind you, all the tortillas are produced on-site.)
"The best known of all recipes made with tortillas are commonly called "Burritos". They are made on a hot tortilla with any warm left-over food or your own prepared meat spiced to taste. Your own scrambled egg recipe is a wonderful stuffing for burritos. Roll tortilla with filling into a tube. Turn one end up to keep stuffing from running out."

I really don't know what to say to this. Are there really people in the US who need tortilla instruction manuals?

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Dear Brain,
I appreciate the work you've done lately. The spreadsheet coding last night when I couldn't watch the Giants - that was brilliant, and a major breakthrough. I know there's lots more to do based on that and you're abuzz with where to go with it.

However, 3 AM is not the time for thinky thoughts. It is the time for sleep. So if you could take a rest along with the rest of us, we'll all be better off. 'Kay?

Keep it up. Just not when the rest of us want to sleep. You need a break too.
Much love,
[ profile] madbaker

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I woke up at 2:30 AM for no apparent reason and had problems getting back to sleep. I inexplicably forgot to shave. Then the bus didn't show up.

These are minor enough that I can't say today is fired. However, consider this a written reprimand.

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Two long-format dreams last night. In the second, I was part of a group that got involved between two competing powerful secret societies, both of which had competing interpretations of the same hidden thing. Naturally, I woke up just after our group discovered they were both wrong, but just as we were approaching the reveal on the true meaning.

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Some time last night there was a smash-and-grab down much of the street. We got the lottery ticket: they stole our car.

Normally this isn't a problem in our neighborhood, but there it is. Police report filed and insurance notified. All we can do is wait and see if it's dumped somewhere, and if so in what condition.

No real losses other than the car. My prescription sunglasses and the Fastrak.


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