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Congratulations to the winners of yesterday's election. It was well-deserved and the entire Bay Area is happy for you.

I refer, of course, to Gold Glove winners Brandon Crawford, Buster Posey, and Joe Panik.

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Congratulations, Cubs! I salute your perseverance. I admit I was vaguely rooting for Cleveland: Major League was funny and you have to respect the longest streak of sports futility in the history of US pro sports. But... all things come to an end.
Enjoy the celebration. You earned it.

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The Comicle's headline said it all: "The Final Meltdown."

The team had a good shot, but the post-All Star break unreliable bullpen doomed them. Guess we know what the offseason priority needs to be: continue solidifying the rotation (Peavy is gone, Matt Cain is signed through 2017 but...) and overhaul the bullpen. Casilla is (obviously) gone. Romo and Lopez won't be re-signed. Law and Strickland have promise, but the team needs a bona fide closer. Preferably one who doesn't assault his girlfriend.


Oct. 16th, 2015 07:19 am
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"San Franschadenfreude" is about right.

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Off to the ballpark today for grad school's alumni day. About which I am not particularly dutiful - hey, even if my student loans were paid off I doubt I'd be giving them any money - but we haven't gone to a game yet this year, so.
It's the fourth game of a potential Giants sweep, so the Nationals will come out playing very hard.

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"Boston is about to find out that you can get away with letting the air out of a football, but it's much tougher to deflate a third baseman."
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I am tired this morning. Gloriously so, but still tired.
That was the toughest, most nail-biting of the three Series yet. I didn't know if the Giants would pull it out. Only one reliably good pitcher? No problem. We'll put him in to throw the final five innings.

As one sports columnist put it: "If this game had a soundtrack, Bumgarner's entrance would be accompanied by the wah-wah-wah music from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly." Which to me is a perfect read.

Go Giants. Well done. Now take the winter off to recover.

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Still plenty of baseball left, though. But a good start.

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Post-mortem, anyway. I hoped the Giants would win against the Cardinals - but I didn't know. I certainly never thought they'd win in only five games. Six or seven seemed a lot more plausible given the matchups.

Very tired today due to staying up late. Totally worth it, though. Go Giants!

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I have more quinces perfuming up the house! I will make more cotignac!
But not tonight. Tonight there is a Giants postseason game.

Xmas post

Dec. 26th, 2013 07:48 am
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The lamb came out very well. It was nothing like the roast lamb with green chiles that I grew up with, but that's all right. I mis-premembered about dessert. The house-made eggnog ice cream stayed in the freezer, because I made marmalade suet puddings instead. With brandy marmalade cream sauce over the top. They were lovely.

The wife liked her running rabbit bracelet. She gave me a Giants polo (a tasteful SF in the logo spot; I could actually wear this to work on a casual Friday) and two center-field bleacher seats for mid-April against the Dodgers. Yes, I love my wife.

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I'm not going downtown for the parade today.

I went two years ago. It was jampacked, I couldn't really see a whole lot, and I had drunken idiots next to me for much of it. But I wouldn't have not gone for anything.

This year, it's not quite the same. It's not the first Series title in my lifetime. So the urgency isn't there.

More importantly, though, I have a lot of work catching-up to do with the markets having been closed the last couple days. I just can't take the day off.

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The 2010 Giants were Torture. The 2012, as several people commented, were about redemption.
Barry Zito, left off the 2010 roster entirely - winning key games to get them there, and decisively winning game 1. Pablo Sandoval, benched in 2010 for poor play, hitting .500, bashing three straight home runs, and collecting the MVP trophy. Vogelsong emerging from the wilderness. Scutaro and Pence coming in late-season trades and firing up with their play and passion. Theriot, who lost his job in the Scutaro trade, scoring the winning run in the 10th... on Scutaro's single. Lincecum, who was by some measures the worst starting pitcher in the majors this year, emerging as a lights-out middle reliever.

Leyland, that was a classy post-game press conference. Good on ya.

I hadn't planned on going to the Wednesday parade, but the wife didn't go in 2010 and wants to this year. It's more fun with someone else along.

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I said it two years ago, and it's still true. My birthday is next month, and all I really want is the opportunity to get some new Giants World Champions swag.

Go Giants!

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I really should have drunk more water alongside the game beers last night. I'm not really hung over (thankfully), but a tad dehydrated and slightly headachy today.

I'm meeting a friend at a brewpub tonight for Game 2. I should be in game shape by then. I'll take better care, if only because I have to drive home afterwards.

Awww, Yeah

Oct. 23rd, 2012 07:39 am
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Game 1 of the World Series starts Wednesday. In San Francisco, motorfingers.

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Whether the team wins or not tonight, I am happy with how far they have gotten. They have exceeded my expectations for this season.

(Of course, I do want them to win the World Series this year!)


Oct. 11th, 2012 02:12 pm
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Duane Kuiper (announcer): "It's back, folks. It's back."
Later, after they escape the inning: "I'm going to go barf."

Well done, boys. But a little easier on the constitutions wouldn't be bad.


Oct. 3rd, 2012 07:29 am
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Sweet: Giants going to the playoffs.
Just slightly less sweet: Denying the Dodgers the same privilege.

We diehard Giants fans are petty that way. Don't think the Dodgers wouldn't return the favor in a (trolley dodging) New York minute.

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We could not beat L.A.


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