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I left the house before 6:30 AM. Worked a more-than-full day, then went to a professional affair at the Fairmont. The panelists were okay; often at this event they are very good, but this was a bit of an off year. Nevertheless it was worth going to. Professional networking was good.

Since we were next door to the Tonga Room, I briefly fantasized about getting a drink - but really I just wanted to get home. I walked in around 9 PM.

I'm dragging today. Not hungover or anything like that. Just worn out.

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I'm used to checking in to a flight via cell phone 24 hours ahead. Getting my boarding pass texted is new to me, though.

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Monday: Holiday get-together with former cow-orkers in a bar.
Tuesday: Holiday get-together with current cow-orkers in a bar.
Wednesday: I get to go home on time.
Thursday: Holiday get-together with work group (taking one cow-orker), in a bar.

Mind you, I had two beers Monday and one beer last night. The 20- and 30-something cow-orkers stayed in the bar until nine. I was wise enough not to try to keep up. I expect I will have one beer, maybe two on Thursday. Still.

Getting home past 7 PM, when I leave the house before 6:30 AM, is a bit rough several days in succession. I didn't want to make much in the way of dinner last night. We're adults, so I cooked scrambled eggses. (With house-cured guanciale, cheese from the crawl, and some red onion and garlic. Because it doesn't have to be low-quality.)

I think I'm not going anywhere this weekend. That will be nice.


Oct. 17th, 2013 08:41 pm
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I just got back from a work dinner. That is, a dinner at a nice but not fabulous restaurant (Postrio), hosted by a company whose conference I am attending tomorrow. I put on a suit and was attending as a customer. It was work, regardless of any social schmoozing.

But it was just one evening. Not following a full day of being on. Back when I made New York trips, I was there the full week and I was doing this from 9 in the morning until whenever I made it back to the hotel after dark. It got really old really fast.

I referred to the NY trips as "Death march with cocktails". I would dread them, although there was certainly enjoyment sprinkled in. This? Not so bad. I'm recuperating at home right now.

We'll see how I feel after tomorrow's all-day affair.

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It kind of figures that the wife's cold would kick in the first morning of the work conference.

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At SFO, flying to Santa Monica for a couple of days for a conference. The flight is delayed - not a great start.
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I had dinner at Les Halles tonight. A lovely bit of seared foie gras with apples and walnuts, followed by filet bearnaise which was meltingly tender. Very nice, although I'm not sure it's better than, say, Chez Papa. (Except that I wasn't held up during my dinner, always a plus.)

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I am in NY without incident, which is the best result when flying cross-country. Dinner in a few hours, then a call for school. Conference tomorrow. I'm trying to ensure I have spare time for a museum trip.

Lots of snow on the ground, but it's clear and about 45 right now, so I'm happy about that.

What I'm reading: Paul McCauley, The Quiet War

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I'm flying to New Yawk for a three-day conference tomorrow morning. I'm hoping to go see the Bronzino exhibit at the Met if I have some downtime.
Talking with a classmate about a school book on which we have to write a short paper, I mentioned that I could read it on the plane. And another book that I was assigned Friday.
"You can read two books?"
"Er, yeah, it's a five hour flight."
"You can read two books?"
"Er, yeah..."

Sometimes I forget that not everyone reads as quickly as I do.

What I'm reading: Roger Zelazny, Power and Light

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I was supposed to go to a conference yesterday, but my boss is at a different conference and I'm flying solo - so I couldn't get away. I made it to a dinner one of the vendors had, though. It was held on the top floor of the St. Francis on Union Square; and no fog meant glorious views. The food was unexceptional but I did some decent networking.

It meant I got home way late (10 PM) but up until about 10 minutes ago I was feeling pretty good despite the short night. I'm dragging a bit now. Galen appreciated the cooler weather, or more precisely, the light comforter the wife threw on the bed. He spent much of the night caved underneath it, on top of the other blankets. It was very cute.

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Yesterday felt like a long day - I got up at the usual time and went into work at 6 AM. The wife picked me up around 11:30 and we drove to the airport, eventually landing in Vegas around 3 PM. I checked in at Treasure Island and hit the conference cocktail party, then went to Nobu with my boss and some other people. It's a good place to go on a broker's dime. I went to bed around 11 PM and didn't sleep well.

Today the conference continued. I'm heading across the street to the Venetian for dinner with another broker. When I get back [ profile] bonacorsi and I will... do something. The various shows we'd like to see are either too pricey or unavailable, or both.

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as Eric Idle once sang.
Yes, Dr. Kissinger was the conference keynote speaker. He was fairly eloquent (allowing for the accent, I mean) on geopolitics. I didn't bother taking notes, so I'll leave it at that.

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Or, the benefits of a liberal-arts degree.

The conference had its opening night "luau" on the beach tonight. It's pretty much the same thing they usually do. I usually end up having dinner with my sales guy from the host organization, because he's one of the few people I've spoken to before. Or else with a former cow-orker, for the same reason.

Tonight, while having the initial glass of wine (and chatting with my boss and a former cow-orker) an older Englishman and his wife inserted themselves into our conversation. He's one of the panelists tomorrow - a former member of the Bank of England and current Warden of one of the Oxbridge colleges. He turned out to be a very interesting person to talk to, and so was his wife. She and I had a long conversation about the frustrations of being "Mrs. X", which I have not experienced firsthand but I've been exposed to. Also, I was able to indulge my not-so-inner Anglophile without mentioning a certain historical re-enactment group and make wide-ranging conversation for three hours with these folks.

I happened to say that the wife and I are tentatively planning to make a trip to England next year. I'm supposed to drop them a line if we're going.

Dinner with an Oxbridge Warden? Realistically, they'll probably be busy... but it certainly wouldn't suck.

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4 AM alarm notwithstanding, I'm glad I took the 7 AM flight -- my boss had the next flight out at 11 AM, but it was over three hours late. This meant that he missed dinner in South Beach.

They took us to The Blue Door, a funky bar/restaurant. Quite trendy: lots of alcoves for private canoodling, and the seats by the pool were beds. So you can lie down with your drinks and snog, I suppose. It was amusing to walk through but I was glad that I wasn't part of the meat market. Oh, the food was decent but it was mainly about the decor.

Does this make me an Old FartTM? Then again, even when I was young and single this wasn't my scene.

What I'm reading: William Dietz, Logos Run

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I had an uneventful flight (which, really, are the best kind) and am now ensconced in my end-of-hallway hotel room looking out at the ocean. If I had time, I'd go for a walk on the beach. Unfortunately, I'm here for a work conference and the schedule is pretty full. There are people who blow the sessions off and go drink in South Beach (we're in Key Biscayne, Nixon's Playground) but among other things my boss will be here later tonight.

I'm less than enthused about giving up my weekend for work. AGAIN.

What I'm reading: Karl Schroeder, Sun of Suns

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I think I've finally turned the corner on this cold-thing that's been kicking my butt all week. I didn't have to take any drugs last night, and my sinuses no longer feel like they are being attacked by sprites with sledgehammers.

Just in time to go to an annual conference in Florida. Yeah, being locked in an aluminum tube for six hours with total strangers, breathing recycled air and germs. Also, just what I wanted to do on my weekend: fly cross-country for work. Suuuuure.

What I'm reading: Jack Campbell, Fearless

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And I didn't even have Homer's month-old hoagie. I was planning to take today off, but I would have called in sick regardless.

I had to go to a work function last night. I wasn't feeling great - I have the wife's cold now - but I wasn't feeling bad enough that I could plausibly duck out.
Or so I thought.

We were seated by the door, and I could feel a slight breeze. So it made sense that I started feeling cold near the end of the evening. Then I took a cab home, and the driver was smoking, so I had a window open. Again, a reason to feel cold.

Or, I was running a fever.
Not-so-subtle signs of this:
  1. When I got home, I took a hot-as-I-could-make-it shower and went to bed.
  2. The house was our normal nighttime temperature setting: 60 degrees. Not unreasonable.
  3. I was in flannel sheets.
  4. With a down comforter and a cotton throw over the top.
  5. And a 12-pound cat.
But I still awoke an hour later, curled up in fetal position, shivering. The wife took my temperature and it wasn't a huge fever - maybe 2 1/2 degrees. But still, I threw on heavy sweats and all the blankets we had. I was still cold.

But hey, the fever broke around 4 AM and I'm feeling better now. I'm still taking it easy today, though.

What I'm reading: Sally Granger, Cooking with Apicius

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I got up at 0-dark-thirty (yes, more than usual - it was 4 AM East Coast Time) so I could get to the airport for my 7 AM flight. I took that one because it allowed me to upgrade to business class, which is so worth it. I had to call the wife, though, because she wasn't going to be able to pick me up - and I hadn't brought my keys... fortunately, the phone woke her up enough that she was actually coherent when I talked to her.

Unfortunately, they announced 5 minutes before boarding that the water on the plane wasn't working - no coffee or tea. What they didn't say was that it also meant no water in the bathrooms. Sigh. I was vaguely annoyed, but it would have been far worse to wait two or three hours for it to be fixed.

Glad to be home. Glad to sleep in my own bed, with the wife and occasionally the cat.

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So my cow-orker and I gave our presentation yesterday. It went okay - not as well as last year, but decently. I heard some good reviews, although two attendees in particular probably marked us down because they didn't understand what we were talking about. They would have been happier if we'd dumbed it down farther. Oh well.

One of the seriously senior folks listened in the back. I should probably take that as a compliment (I just wish he'd been there for the second presentation when we were more polished). Also, I ended up chatting with a different seriously senior guy on the walk over to dinner. I'm not thrilled with the politico-schmoozing, but like these presentations, it's something you do in the job.

Dinner was nice - it was in the Rainbow Room which is near the top of the Rockefeller Building. Good views. We had Lance Armstrong as the keynote speaker; he's good. Comes across very honestly. And now I have a signed copy of his book to read on the flight back. My co-presenter the Yankee$ fan didn't attend because a buddy of his had tickets to the Mets game, the rat bastard.

Well, my obligations for the trip are pretty much over; today I get to walk to the Morgan Library and (hopefully) take lots of pictures for the wife. Also pack up, of course.

What I'm reading: Lois McMaster Bujold, Beguilement

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No bonus points for the header, 'cause you all should be familiar with the source.

Actually, Stamford CT. Which I know is nothing like Hoboken NJ, but I'm a native Californian so I can't be bothered with the difference. Anyway, I had to go out to Stamford to visit a broker. I can't tell you what the trip was like; I dozed in the car. The visit itself was fine, and then we dined at Nobu.


San Francisco has money and a large Asian population; why don't we have sushi restaurants that are this incredible quality?
Seriously. The blackened cod was fantastic, as was the tuna tartare.

I have presentations tomorrow, so a shower and bed for me. More updates as events warrant.


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