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(Said in Family Guy voice)
Good weekend, but exhausting. We had the GSP picnic to decide our annual show; I'm happy with what we chose, although it means some work upfront for me. (Which I volunteered for.)
Then socializing with Hirsch and Aldith, crashing at their place before the Sunday officers' meeting. The latter went as well as could be expected.

Tired now; I kind of want a rinse-off shower and an early night. And then a weekend to make up for not having one.

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We try to have date night on Tuesdays. Most of the time that's just dinner and a saved TV show, but it also means not checking e-mail so that I take a night off from exchequering for more important things.

Last night we had reserved tickets for Wonder Woman. I enjoyed it quite a bit. I don't know if the upcoming Avengers Justice League film will be any good, but this was a worthy superhero movie.

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I took Friday off. Originally it was so that we could go to A&S. But around Tuesday the wife and I looked at each other and said "Idonwanna." Instead of spending Wednesday cooking, Thursday packing, Friday driving and setting up, then Sunday breaking camp, packing, driving, and unpacking - I did not much of anything Friday. It was kind of glorious.

The downside was that we still had to go to the event. It's a Kingdom-level event, and that's part of the current set of responsibilities. We day-tripped which made for a very long day. We left the house at 7 AM and got back around 9:30 PM. But we did get to spend the night in our own bed...

It's disturbing how much work piles up when I'm off for a day. Back to it.

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I had dreams about reconciling gate.


Mar. 4th, 2017 11:16 am
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Nine months of reminding, helping, nagging, and occasionally threatening have paid off.
I got a completed Domesday report from every active mainland West Kingdom branch. This allowed me to finish the consolidated workbook and submit it up the chain before the March 15 deadline.

From the tax deputy: "WOW! I have to commend you from your kingdom being one of the last ones to submit the Consolidated Report to being one of the first, WAY TO GO!"

It took a lot of effort by a lot of people, and I went out on FB to thank them. Not for my ego, but because this is a significant accomplishment and I wanted to acknowledge it publicly. Like most exchequery things, if it's going well most people don't see it happening.

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I stayed up a bit too late last night, but I got a major report balanced for someone. So that was worthwhile.
I actually slept reasonably well - up to the point that I woke up early and couldn't get back to sleep. Le sigh.
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I generally take Tuesdays off from exchequering. That's a sanity break - it's good to know there's one night where, barring emergencies, I generally can have dinner with the wife and watch TV brainlessly.

I did that this week. Despite Tuesday being the deadline for Domesday reports. I knew either way would be a bad choice - either I'd be overwhelmed with reports and reconciliation with no time off, or I'd be overwhelmed with a day off. So I chose the latter.

I stayed up late last night trying to catch up. And failing. Then I couldn't get to sleep, because my brain was too active I guess. Now I'm over-caffeinated and jittery (but at least awake).

It's been important that I do this job. I've improved things somewhat, and frankly there wasn't anyone else willing and qualified. But $deity this part is hell for an unpaid volunteer with a day job.

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I needed a second cup of coffee today. Weather, financial reports, long work day yesterday talking to (friendly) SEC examiners...
Soft Cell's cover of Tainted Love in the coffee shop helped too.

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I generally really enjoy Collegium. It's such a refreshing break for me from the usual fighting-based events.
In an attack of sanity, we drove out to Sacramento Friday night so that we wouldn't be round-tripping Saturday. Traffic was horrible, as we expected; the 90 miles took us three hours. (The wife wasn't sure she was going to go as she had come down with a cold. But she was meeting the chronicler to help her put together formatting for the newsletter.)

A quick search on Yelp and we decided on a fusion hot pot place for dinner. We were among the few white people in there, always a good sign. It was quite good! Spicier than I expected but tasty.

I taught a first period 9:30 AM class on "How to Exchequer an event." O the excitement. I think it was useful for the two people who showed up. If so it was worth it. To amuse myself I made two pages of joke SCA names. Some of them were classics, like Reed the Page and Portia Audi Tudor. Others were lesser-known like Crispian Milk. It kept me engaged when I was putting the class together.

My other class was an open drop-in to go over forms, answer questions, whatever. Again lightly attended but I would have been surprised if it hadn't been. Another exchequer put together a really good short Powerpoint presentation on reports to help out. I solved a couple minor problems for two people who showed up so again, I'll count that as a win.

In between the two I audited a 16th c. Dutch sauces class in the kitchen. I loved it. I got to hang around people cooking and being creative. Without any pressure to actually do anything. One of the unexpected downsides of this job has been the crushing of my creativity and this was a bit of a reminder as to what I am missing.

I also got my coronet delivered! I had seen it two weeks previously but it needed pearl replacement. I'm quite happy with it. The wife is polishing it right now (not a euphemism).

Afterwards we went to a local Ethiopian restaurant with three others. Very good food, especially for the cost. It did mean that we didn't leave Sacramento until 7:30 and got home around 9:30 PM. We had to trade off driving partway through - I just couldn't keep my eyes open. And we're both tired today.

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Things are a bit stressy right now. I probably won't see people before some of it passes, but if I do and I'm a bit short - please try to understand.

Quarter-end exchequer reports are actually going better than I'd hoped. I've gotten lots of help and the past efforts to get people caught up seem to be paying off. I still have to spend a fair amount of time with last-minute "Aaagh! I can't get this to balance!" people, but I expected that and it's fine. Saying I don't begrudge spending the time is, in fact, a lie - I really do, I'd rather be watching a movie with the wife and relaxing - but I don't begrudge having to do it. I wouldn't offer help if I didn't expect it to be taken and I won't blame the people for the time.

Work is the major part. We've gotten to a size where we're undergoing our first SEC audit. It's routine and we're doing everything we can to keep it so. However, this still means that we have a ginormous amount of information to pull in less than a week's time. I expect I'll be staying late all week. I barked at one of my (non-involved) cow-orkers last night because he kept bugging me for some trivial information that he never remembers how to get himself. I apologized today but I kind of feel justified...

I've been sliding into having a second cup of coffee at work more often. I'm trying to prevent from that becoming a full-blown habit. That means that days like today, where I really could use one, I'm not getting it. I had a second yesterday so I'm trying to force a weekly limit.

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Yesterday I correctly used "pettifogging" in a sentence without particularly thinking about it. Hint: it had to do with local banking officials.

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I did not sleep well. I also had an exchequer dream where I was working on a never-ending spreadsheet.
Shortly before I got up (which was well after the alarm went off) the cat jumped up onto the bed and settled around my ankles. I pet him a few times, he groomed my face a few times, then he bit the wife. What the hell?

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One of the smartest things my predecessor exchequer did was to take one night a week as date night. That is, to not deal with the office that day and instead have couples time. It never would have occurred to me but having had it suggested, I try to keep to it. Tuesdays are date night* and once I get home from work I do not answer e-mails unless it's urgent.

Naturally, there have been some of those. And I had to do a bunch of office-related things Tuesday. That's okay though; tonight we're going to see Star Trek so Tuesday and Thursday have swapped. Given the week, today is a good day for me to be incommunicado anyway as a recovery.

*Which often means I take care of the bills and then we watch Netflix over dinner together. But hey, it's something.
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I just figured out how to scan directly to .pdf, making the files about 90% smaller. Considering the 40-page scan I'm currently doing, this makes life a lot easier.

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...I find myself making a list of things I have to do at home tonight. Le sigh.

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I habe a code. I blame the petri-dish Hall of Justice, but apparently significant numbers of people also got sick from Crown last week. Who knows? I am feeling better today, but also trying not to push it. I may work from home tomorrow.
Coronet blah blah )

Today: dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, probably some exchequer stuff.

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The weekend was fairly relaxing. I had planned to get more done, but Galen decided that my job Sunday was to be his lap. So I sat on the futon and watched house renovation shows. Not my cup of tea particularly, but the wife likes them. And it was nice turning my brain off with a snoozing cat on my legs.

This week marks the start of the tourney season, and the acceleration of SCA work over the next two-plus (and ideally only two-plus) years.

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I'm used to checking in to a flight via cell phone 24 hours ahead. Getting my boarding pass texted is new to me, though.

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Last night I dreamed I was working on SCA exchequer things.


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