Apr. 5th, 2017 01:28 pm
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Pulled Pork.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Sous vide Mashed Potatoes.
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Sous-vide mashed potatoes are freakin' awesome. Far and away the best I've ever made.
Recipe to follow in a week or two, but the taste-testing couldn't wait.

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This week's Resolution Recipe: Banh Mi Pickles.
(Yes, I know banh mi means "bread". This makes the pickled mixture that goes on a banh mi sandwich. Sheesh.)
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May. 3rd, 2016 03:53 pm
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Sous Vide Scallops.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Sous vide omelettes.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Chicken Liver Mousse.
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It turns out that I like traditional poached eggs much better than sous vide eggs poached in the shell. A sous vide poached egg (143 F) has a slightly runny white and a slightly hard yolk. A traditionally poached egg cooks less evenly, so it can have a fully set white and a fully runny yolk.

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On a happier note, we're having liver and onions for dinner tonight.
I am cooking the liver sous-vide (of course I am, but also because it will avoid making it tough). The onions are slow-braising in their own liquid for about three hours as if I am making onion soup.

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Over Thanksgiving I was chatting with Dani about my weather pressure-induced migraines. She suggested applying (ETA: black) pepper oil to the temples. Given that I'd been having several, more intense ones for several weeks (my normal rate is one a month or so) I decided to try it. It seemed unlikely to hurt me; at worst I'd be a slightly more pungent snack for a predator.

Does it work? Shrug. I have had fewer and less debilitating migraines since I started applying a daily post-shower drop to my temples. But given that I don't have any way to compare to a baseline - and don't really believe the woo-woo claims about aromatherapy etc. - I'm going with placebo. And yet... I will still be using it. On the off chance that it is in fact helping.

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One of the mildly intriguing promises of the sous vide recirculator is that enough time can tenderize a piece of chuck roast to the texture of ribeye, at 1/3 the price. When we were shopping on Saturday we found a nice big piece of chuck roast perfect for the three of us (going to see Dad on Xmas Eve). So, let's try that. requires 24 hours of sous vide cooking. When you factor in the electricity and the motor burn, I suspect it's a wash. We'll find out how it works tomorrow as I started it before coming in to work.

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This week's Resolution Recipe: Creme Anglaise.
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Sous vide hamburgers work mostly-very-well (actually medium-rareish, ha). They were cooked to perfection all the way through, leaving them juicy and pink. Granted, that took two hours rather than 5 minutes on the stove. Still.

The things that made it only mostly: the vac seal process turned them from disks into football-shaped pillows. Not sure how to prevent that. Freeze beforehand? Secondly: because due to other factors, like doing dishes and making pie crust and chopping root veg for today, we ate late. So I didn't spend enough time creating a hard sear on the outside.

But still: when time allows, this is an awesome way to make a pedestrian hamburger. Hmm, I bet this would be faboo with cheese worked into it. I wonder if that would survive the sous vide boiling...

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Even though it's tempting to sous vide! All! The! Things! I just took out a chunk of ribeye that I cooked to 134 (medium rareish) for a couple hours. Brussels sprouts are going in at 183 for 40 minutes next. That means tomorrow's dinner should take about ten minutes prep to finish the two items. Plus lighting candles and opening a bottle of wine. But anyway...
This week's Resolution Recipe: Sous Vide Scrambled Eggses.
The problem with vacuum sealing is that it sucks. (See what I did there?) )
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1) Place the eggses in a small saucepan, cover with water, and bring to a low boil on the stove. Simmer for eight minutes.
2) Bring a very large pot of water to temperature using the sous vide immersion circulator. Place the four eggses in. Cook for 75 minutes.

Results: identical hard-boiled eggses.

...clearly the sous vide method is not always an improvement.

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Ribeye steak has been cooked to medium rare using the sous vide circulator. Brussels sprouts also cooked at a higher temp. This means that tomorrow's dinner should take about 10 minutes of prep.
I like this.

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I have a boneless chicken breast cooking with the Anova sous vide circulator.

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My birthday present, aka the Anova sous vide thingy, is supposed to arrive tomorrow!
I've put a library hold on one of the many recent home sous vide cookbooks to get an idea as to how it works. [ profile] desperance, this may also need to be an excuse for us to come down for a visit so I can pick your brain. With wine.

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I made $4 toast yesterday. Well, bread for $4 toast. I've made it enough now that I know the drill pretty well. I actually started it Saturday night for theoretical baking Sunday. Since we went to Rachael's Chopped prep Sunday evening, I left the dough in the fridge until Monday. There are three reasons I keep making this recipe: 1) it's delicious, with a depth of sourdough flavor; 2) it works really well, which when I was having baking problems was a huge consolement; 3) because it's designed for long slow rising, you can stick it in the fridge for a day at various points if your schedule doesn't allow baking that day.

Anyway, the wife took the dough out before I got home. It was still too cold when I walked in, so I said something about baking it after dinner. Aaand then I forgot until 8 PM, which gave it double the usual rising time. Ish. Over-rising usually is a recipe for failure. But I baked it anyway... and I got gorgeous, glorious, high-rising loaves.

There could be a lesson there. Or maybe I got lucky. I might try giving the last rise a bunch more time next baking run. Assuming I remember, which is far from guaranteed.


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