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I keep thinking about a religion with a core tenet that those who impose their religious restrictions on nonbelievers are condemned to death - but the intended audience will not get the irony.


Jan. 10th, 2014 07:37 am
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The Twelfth Night plague has hit us hard. I have a few degrees of fever currently; mostly I can tell because I'm shivering, while fully dressed in sweats, under all the blankets and comforters. Of course I also have a ton of work that's come in the last few days.

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Turns out that my lack of (home) laptop connectivity wasn't a fried wireless card. I took it to a decent local shop and they found a virus that was resetting the IP address randomly. They cleaned it off and installed a different virus-checker; I'd been using McAfee, but it didn't catch this one. As the guy said, "I see lots of malware on PCs with McAfee running."

...apparently the virus came from a recent McAfee update.
The irony, it burns.

Ah, irony.

Mar. 3rd, 2011 08:06 am
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A couple days after I post that George RR Martin is never finishing his next book, he announces a publication date.
But tonight, for dinner, there shall be asparagus. (Which is unrelated, but worth looking forward to.)

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The blog post that I mentioned here, that stole my article's information to talk about the history of copyright?
Gone. I guess my letter to the hosting provider had an effect.


Oct. 15th, 2010 05:10 pm
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A kind soul let me know that parts of my article on baker's marks are being used on the web without my permission or attribution.

In an article on a brief history of copyright.
The irony, it burns.

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We watched the pilot for Max Headroom last night. I'd forgotten about how innovative the show was using simulated computer graphics of the time. I was amused, however, that Max was done as a prosthetic addition because they couldn't simulate the human face at the time; and the remark by the boy genius that animating a whole body would take "millions of bytes of computer power".

And in the future, no computer will have that much.

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"Google is evil. Use Bing instead."

...Microsoft is on the side of the angels?

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I got a mailer invitation to Beta Gamma Sigma - "Recognizing the outstanding academic achievements of students enrolled in business programs." They invite the top 20%, which is not exactly exclusive. (Don't get me wrong: I would rather be in the top 20%. I may give them my $70 for the privilege of putting it on my resume.)

However, their explanation of the Greek letters is, well...
"Sigma: Sigma signifies earnestness. Earnestness is enthusiasm measured by acheivement, disciplined by reason..."

And they spell "achievement" correctly later on in the paragraph.

What I'm reading: Elizabeth Bear, Dust


Jan. 31st, 2010 04:01 pm
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I am working on a Stragery midterm. We choose three of nine essay questions to answer. The prof gave us some of the same questions in our Micro class essay final; he indicated that we can re-use the core of those here if we so desire.

Naturally, the Micro final questions I originally answered do not overlap.

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I made the mistake of introducing this to my boss.
He's a drummer. He keeps this up on his desktop now so he can access it at any time.

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I've had better days. Monday night I woke up in a cold sweat, but it went away and I was fine all day. Tuesday night I woke up in a cold sweat, and it didn't go away this time. I think I had a (relatively) mild stomach flu. My system certainly was working on expelling whatever was bothering it... so I called in sick and convalesced all day. I feel fine now, at least.

I missed the occasionally-scheduled department lunch, which was part managers potluck and part Safeway/Costco. I had signed up because it's Important To Participate In Group Events. But I won $15 in the raffle anyway.

What I'm reading: Jay Martin, Baseball Magic

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"Six Flags says Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge to be their official vehicles."
I wish this was a joke press release (they're both in bankruptcy). The blind leading the deaf?

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I spilled coffee on my tie while on the bus to work.
As SF residents know, there is a looped recording that says "Eating, Drinking, and Smoking are strictly prohibited on all transit vehicles."

In other news, I had my second consecutive night of poor sleep. Bad "naked unprepared test-taking" type dreams. Subconscious, I appreciate your concern. But the one major project due in two weeks is done, and I started the 750-word essay due Monday last night. Things are under control. Let me sleep, 'k?

Bitte, baby.

What I'm reading: Charles Stross, Revolution Business

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The wife suggested we have a summery meal for our turn at the homeowners' meeting. I thought it sounded like a good idea too. So we made:

a tomato-gruyere tart
a cold feta-asparagus salad

and for dessert, vanilla ice cream with a fresh strawberry coulis.

It was tasty. Of course, it would have been even better if it had been 85 degrees out, instead of 65.

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Assuming it is not rained out, I have tickets to Wednesday's Giants game and Cy Young presentation. The seats aren't fabulous - bleachers, but hey. It was my own dime.

I just got offered a ticket by a broker. We don't currently do business, so he danced around the fact that I'd have to reimburse him for the ticket (understandably, it's not a client expense if I'm not a client). Not really an issue though... even if I was a client, city policy requires me to pay for my own sports events tickets anyway.

Le sigh. Maybe I'll see him there and let him buy me a beer.

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A beautiful day today - perfect temperature and blue skies as I walked to a good deli for a sandwich. And passed a drug deal in progress... a block from the courthouse.

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I spilled coffee on my hand today - as I was trying to close the spill-proof lid.

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I start work Monday!
The good... )
The bad... )
The ugly )
All in all, though, I'm looking forward to getting back to work in general and at this job specifically.

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An American anti-kidnapping consultant was kidnapped in Mexico City, according to the Houston-based security firm he works for.


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