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I had dinner last night with a friend who I hadn't seen in a couple years. Good pizza and chattage. It meant I got home around 10 PM, and I'm feeling that lack of sleep today. But I don't do this sort of thing very often and it was good to catch up.

The pizza was at a small chain called Blue Line. It's got an elevated train as its logo. I overheard the couple next to us asking each other if it was a BART train. Yes, that's right -- it has nothing to do with serving Chicago-style deep-dish pizza and the Blue Line being a Chicago train. Nope. BART's trains were originally blue with red accents (hence the original name, "Blue And Red Trains") and this is a homage to that forgotten bit of Bay Area history.

...I forbore to interject this into their conversation in a withering tone, but it was a close thing. Though I did not manage to forestall an eyeroll.

I had an odd dream that I, unusually, remembered: civilization was broken because the structure of the universe had been irreparably damaged by time travel. Apparently traveling to the future caused time rips or something, but because civilization had collapsed due to these rips, we made very short time trips to the future to collect resources so we could muddle along. Of course, the daughter of the protagonist, feeling like she could be a hero, made a long trip to the future to collect a huge amount of resources... and this was the cause and reason that the time rips had broken the structure of the universe. Closed loop. Which is how I like my time travel plots, so it's nice that my subconscious cooperated.

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A friend asked for a short spooky holiday story. I make no claims that mine is great literature, but I enjoyed writing it.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Two-Ingredient Ice Cream.
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Because I am twelve, I giggled at the picture accompanying the recipe. I don't think it's just me.

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My view toward religion can vaguely be summed up as "libertarian agnostic". If you find comfort believing in God, Allah, Jibbers Crabst, or nothing at all - good for you. It's none of my business.

It's when you try to impose your beliefs and religious strictures upon me that I get pissed off.

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I keep thinking about a religion with a core tenet that those who impose their religious restrictions on nonbelievers are condemned to death - but the intended audience will not get the irony.

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St Rawberries

Saint Rawberries was a mystic and hermit who believed that one's rank in heaven was determined by one's rank in life. However, he interpreted this as actual body rank, and thus subsisted entirely on garlic for seven years.
He originally lived in a small village near Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire. After the first year the entire village relocated five miles upwind, leaving him as a solitary hermit.
The feast day of Saint Rawberries often coincides with the Gilroy Garlic festival.

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"You know, there's more to being an evil despot than getting cake whenever you want it."
"If that's what you think, then you're doing it wrong!"

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(conversation with a 6-year-old, after the main character has spent an afternoon with a passel of kids)
"What's a vasectomy?"
"It's happiness, Rory. It's happiness."

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I had lots of dreams last night that I remembered. My favorite is the one where I was the doctor for Jar-Jar Binks. In the dream I realized that the Lucasverse predates Hippocrates, so I ethically could - and perhaps should - let Jar-Jar die.

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He is risen, indeed.

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Saturday, I went to buy a set of kneepads for the play. The fight scene gets a bit vigorous, and I finally figured out that this is why my left knee has been bruised for several weeks continuously. Anyway, this is a verbatim transcript.

(Me walking around, looking confused)
Perky Sales Assistant: Can I help you?
Me: Where can I find kneepads?
PSA: For...?
Me: Knees.

Feel free to reply with suggestions as to what else I might have said. Thanks for the training, Al Jaffee.

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We watched about half of a '93 John Cusack film, Money For Nothing. Vaguely based on a true story, an unemployed Philly longshoreman finds $1.2mm in $100 bills that fell off an armored car. He flashes it around, tries to launder some through the mob, and ends up getting arrested as he attempts to leave the country.

We turned it off halfway, because the characters were annoying and stupid. It's a good think-piece, though. How do you spend or launder it when the feds are looking?

In fact, let's make it harder since the film was almost 20 years ago. Call it $2.5 million in $500 bills. The disappearance is on the news. What do you do with the money? Assume that (morals aside) you are keeping it. Discuss.
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The singer-sausage king died yesterday, at the age of 81. Supermarket shoppers might remember him best for his eponymous line of sausage patties, bacon, and breakfast sausage (originally called "pure pork sausage"), for which he did many hammy commercials.

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Pets don't go to heaven. But you can have your pets looked after when the Rapture comes! Only $110 for a ten-year contract!

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Ultra-Orthodox Jews riot in Jerusalem

Here's what bothers me the most about the situation:
"In recent weeks, ultra-Orthodox Jews and authorities have clashed repeatedly over the Jerusalem mayor's plan to open a municipal parking lot on the Sabbath. Ultra-Orthodox Jews oppose the idea because driving is forbidden on the Sabbath, saying the move would violate the city's religious status quo."
This offends me for the same reason imposing any religious restrictions offends me. Driving is forbidden on the Sabbath? Great - don't drive. But don't tell me, a non-adherent of your faith, that I am forbidden (or compelled) to do so. The same goes for eating fish on Fridays, wearing a niqab or burqa, displaying images of Mohammed, having an abortion, and so forth.

Don't tell me what to think or what to believe. Especially don't tell me how to behave based on your morality. I am capable of making my own choices.

What I'm reading: Brandon Sanderson, Warbreaker

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This week's Resolution Recipe, courtesy of Mr. Bourdain: Salade d'onglet.
That's hanger steak salad to you )

What I'm reading: David Anthony Durham, Acacia

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U.S. game-show host Alex Trebek suffered a minor heart attack in Los Angeles and been hospitalized, reported Tuesday "He has had a very minor heart attack. He is resting comfortably," a representative for his popular game show, "Jeopardy," told the magazine. The 67-year-old TV personality is expected to make a full recovery and be back at work when production on the show resumes in January, the spokesperson said.

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Robert Cade, the inventor of Gatorade, died today.

The cause was kidney failure.

What I'm reading: Christopher Anvil, The Trouble with Aliens


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