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(Said in Family Guy voice)
Good weekend, but exhausting. We had the GSP picnic to decide our annual show; I'm happy with what we chose, although it means some work upfront for me. (Which I volunteered for.)
Then socializing with Hirsch and Aldith, crashing at their place before the Sunday officers' meeting. The latter went as well as could be expected.

Tired now; I kind of want a rinse-off shower and an early night. And then a weekend to make up for not having one.

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Twelfth Night: I didn't feel like I experienced the event much. I spent a fair amount of time/effort trying not to be That Plague Vector Guy - I started coming down with a cold on Wednesday, but there really wasn't any way to not show up given the play obligations. So I spent some of Saturday in the room, snoozing. I did go to court but it was basically because I needed to sit down Right Then.

We got bumped and bumped for our play starting time. Not surprising as court will almost always go long. Disappointing though; every half hour later loses a significant portion of our audience. Our performance of Twelfth Night... it was a bit slow to start, but I was happy with it. I have yet to see the video but there were good laughs and reactions. Even part of a standing o at the end. Valgard, the Drama Doctor, made a point of telling us how much he enjoyed our performance.

Dinner was delivery Thai food in a room and chattage for several hours. Then I went to bed. I didn't feel that well Sunday; I'm not really sure why but it certainly wasn't a hangover. The wife drove back which helped, since I didn't have to concentrate on driving and could just veg out. Today I called in sick. I've run a few errands, but mainly I'm trying to get rest and recovery. Back to normal work tomorrow regardless.

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Bread dough: rising.
Orange peels: softly simmering in scented syrup.
Split pea soup: assembled and on its way to a simmer.

Still to do: financials and run lines.

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I will most likely look like a ridiculous buffoon for my role in Twelfth Night. I am okay with this. In fact most of it was my idea.

There are people who conflate "audience laughing at your character" with "audience laughing at the actor", but I am generally not one of those.

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I am exhausted today, because we didn't get home last night until eleven. It was totally worth it, though.
We went to an art-house theater to watch a (2012?) production of Twelfth Night performed at the Globe. All-male production. With Stephen Fry as Malvolio.
This was by far the funniest production of the play I've ever seen. Even the moving bits were funny. Having Elizabethan makeup on guys playing the female parts wasn't as distracting as I thought it might be. Stephen Fry wasn't playing Fry onstage - which was good: he played the character and he wasn't the star. I'm not sure he added anything but I have no complaints.

We've already ordered the DVD.

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"I don't always lead from my pelvis. I just take the dick jokes the text gives me."

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This week's Resolution Recipe: To make cervelat.
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Final pick-up rehearsal today for next weekend. Half the cast missing for various and sundry reasons, but we did what we could and had a decent run-through of the bits we could do. ("Same play! 10% different jokes!")

However, as we were doing a physical bit, my foot slipped - and I fell onto the concrete floor. I landed directly on my tailbone. I suspect I'm bruised there and my arm is a bit sore. However, nothing is broken or sprained or (apparently) serious. I think when I did the cartoon trip - fly into prone position - slam on ground, I hit just about perfectly.

Ow. But almost any other landing would have been worse.


Jan. 11th, 2014 12:49 pm
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I spent nearly twelve hours in bed last night. I didn't sleep the whole time, but enough of it that I clearly needed it. I had a significant uptick during the night: the last three days I've been bundled up in sweats, under all the covers we have, and still shivering. That's what a 103 degree fever will do to you. Anyway, I woke up about midnight, suddenly feeling really good - still sneezy and coughy, but not sick-feeling. Also, I was suddenly hot. And aware that my sweatshirt that I'd been wearing for the last three nights was really, really sweaty. I could sense the sweat patches on my torso. I had to get it off off off right then. And I pattered into the front room to excitedly tell the wife this.

It's possible I might still have been feverish.

So yeah, we're both doing better but we're still skipping the GSP cast party. Today and tomorrow is continued convalescence.

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As much as I enjoying performing with the GSP... there comes a time every year when I am tired of the time it requires. When I want the performance to be done so I can have down time again. So I can sleep in on Sundays, or at least relax and not go anywhere.

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I had a dream last night with [ profile] wufmew in it. It was both before and after.

To absent friends.

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I haven't been in a posty mood. It's been a struggle even to keep up with Resolution Recipes (which I still do, and one of the main reasons I'm still here).

Life continues on. Very surprising and cool SCA stuff (Pelican offer); successful, albeit shorter-than-I-planned long-cured meat (Frankenham); bartering various meats for home-brew; commedia dell'arte. Lots of reading.

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I have the title role in this year's play.

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This week's Resolution Recipe, which I made for the GSP picnic yesterday: Maple Bacon Caramels.
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Party fud

Jan. 23rd, 2013 10:28 am
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Chorizo and Potato Empanadas.
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So tired today.
I woke up around 2 AM, and didn't drop off until close to 4:30. My alarm went off 45 minutes later. It interrupted play anxiety dreams, which were not particularly restful.

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Friday the curvy upstairs neighbor and I - once I had powered through most of the last-minute fu that fills your queue when you're trying to knock off early - drove up to Chico. Rivenoak held an event and they asked us to help as consulting cooks.

I had a lot of fun. Good people, three goats' worth of tasty meat, talented kitchen staff, and a relaxed vibe even with some seat-of-the-pantsishess because, after all, we were cooking goat dishes for a potluck rather than a full feast.

The carnage: roast goat legs, goat ricotta with herbs, goat liver and onion tarts, goat mortadella sausages, a green and a cameline sauce, and probably a couple others I'm forgetting. The 12-pound Dick stuffer that Guillaume let me borrow made short work of the 8-9 lbs of sausages, as well as amusing everyone there that was unfamiliar with it. (Really, there's no possible way to make sausages without lewdness.) People devoured everything. The cooks waited until after everyone had gone through - we'd sampled all the dishes, strictly in the name of quality control of course. Good thing though, because all the sausages and roast goat were gone and there was only a bare scraping left of liver tart and ricotta.

The curvy upstairs neighbor drove us home and we pulled up around 12:30 AM. Some sleep and then off to rehearsal, which went pretty well despite my obvious flatness.

Good local event, good people, tasty goat and introducing more period dishes to folks. I'm glad we were able to help. But at >400 miles round trip, not doing it very often.

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Long, but pretty drive down 280 and 17 to Boulder Creek for GSP auditions yesterday. It's always fun to hang out with the group - one reason why we still do it, I'm sure. I have a part. I didn't have any preference going in, so while I'm not super-excited at the role, I'm not disappointed in the least, either. (And that could have been said regardless how I was cast.) I don't think I have a handle yet quite how I'll play it. Well, that's what rehearsals and directors are for.

I took Skyline a good distance home. Windy and narrow, but I wanted to take a different route back. Labor Day traffic meant that I didn't get home until 6:30-7. So we had a simple dinner of duck confit Nicoise salad (minus the olives - the wife isn't overly fond) which was extremely tasty. I'm dragging a bit this morning; but I should get back to work.

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This week's Resolution Recipe: Red-Hot Beef Sausage.
"These sausages are an ode to the famous Texas red hots. They are really rich, with a beautiful, full flavor and a lot of heat."
The apprentice and I don't limit ourselves to medieval charcuterie. Sometimes modern is fun too. )

What I'm reading: Toby Lester, Da Vinci's Ghost

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I had a good time.
There's more, but that's what it boils down to. )
What I'm reading: James Corey, Leviathan Wakes


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