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I have (apparently) registered for the PPF, since reservations opened today. I am looking forward to it immensely.
Breakfast was omelets with Brie and green garlic. I am going to futz around on the computer for a while, perhaps with another cup of coffee, and then tackle making marzipan bacon. So far, I'm pretty happy with 2013.

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Whether the team wins or not tonight, I am happy with how far they have gotten. They have exceeded my expectations for this season.

(Of course, I do want them to win the World Series this year!)

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Crown was busy, weird, and good. Weird because we hotel'd it 20 minutes offsite, which always makes the two day-trips a bit of a disconnect. Also makes the camping group slightly disjointed - although various life things have caused that to be the case more than not the last few events.

Busy because of [ profile] gormflaith's Laurelling and the Queen's Artisans Social, the second of which I was nominally in charge of organizing. Things were not as well put together as my not-totally-inner control freak would have liked (not that I'm blaming anyone except myself). But there were a ton of good art projects and food, and a lot of populace coming in to sample. The lists went very quickly - only 44 fighters, and Their Majs kept it running on time - so we had court and dinner in the daylight. After dinner, both the wife and I were social'd out so we bailed back to the hotel to recuperate in quiet. We ended up falling asleep early watching something stupid on television.

Good because of the first two things last paragraph, and the winners of Crown. We had a good time but left before Sunday court. I felt a bit naughty.

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Congratulations to local boy Chris Cosentino, who won the latest season of Top Chef Masters!

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Matt Cain throws a perfect game. The first in Giants' history.
Couldn't have happened to a better guy on the staff. Maybe he'll get more of the East Coast respect he deserves.

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I've often thought that the best wedding is one you look back on thinking "That suited the couple perfectly." Along with "I had a lovely time."

Both those statements apply to Karen and Chaz' wedding yesterday. The bride and groom looked fabulous. The weather was perfect, the Rengstorff House in Mtn. View was a well-suited venue, and good food and booze with well-dressed friends.

I loved the turtle-and-cat cake topper, too.

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Twelve years ago, [ profile] bonacorsi and I got married. Happy anniversary, sweetie.

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We had a lovely dinner at La Ciccia for the wife's birthday. It's a local Sardinian restaurant we've been to a number of times. Their known specialty is spicy octopus stew, which is indeed quite good and that was our split appetizer - but we really went back for the seafood sugo in squid ink. After devouring it and rhapsodizing to the chef/owner, he offered us an extra portion of the sauce to take home. Um, yes please and thank you?

So that's tonight's dinner. We bought some fresh prawns and will make fregola to sop it up. Seafood in concentrated evil sauce. I'm looking forward to it.

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A happy birthday to my lovely wife today!

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Twenty years... to life!
Approximately twenty years ago [ profile] bonacorsi and I started dating.
Happy sort-of-anniversary, sweetie.

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[ profile] bonacorsi took him to the vet for a weigh-in, and now the cleaner is here. I think Galen is under the bed.
The good news is that he's back over 10 pounds. Up to eleven is still quite healthy for him. We don't know why he lost so much weight so quickly and drastically, but we're glad he's slowly gained it back with the special unicorn chow.

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I really like the Cloverdale site in April/May. It's still green and lush; the hills surround the camping area with trees and there aren't any semis whizzing by. When you are looking at pavilions around the eric, it's easy to get your medieval on.

Camping with St. Calixtus worked well - I would have been shocked had it been otherwise, but still. We had a very pretty encampment of pavilions and gear. Even if our new banners entangled themselves rather quickly.

I think [ profile] ysabella_dolfin was the one who originally suggested having a Saluminati meeting at Beltane. I thought we might get four people to show, and at most eight. We had over thirty at various points! Including TH (Mists) and Her Maj. Quite a variety of cured meats, veg, cheeses, booze. It was all really, really good and people seemed to enjoy themselves. I know I'm inspired. As long as there's interest I suspect we'll do it again next year.

Two non-food standouts were Jean and I signing our apprentice indenture - [ profile] aastg did a wonderful job clerking; and [ profile] acanthusleaf presenting tiny Saluminati pewter buttons that she cast on site that morning.

No brain, shutting down now.

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Eleven years ago today, [ profile] bonacorsi and I got married.
I'm still your April Fool.

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I slipped in the tub as I was drying off, my foot skidded, and gashed slightly against the drain. So my foot is bleeding. Great.
Then Galen threw up in the bedroom. Joyous.

I'm very glad that it happened to me rather than the wife, though. It's her birthday today - happy birthday, [ profile] bonacorsi!

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Happy birthday, [ profile] vittoriosa!

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The wife took Galen in for another weighing late last week. The vet tech's comment was "You might want to think about him losing weight." He came in around 11 pounds.

That means that since March, Galen has gained three two pounds. Twelve is about where he should be; apparently his appetite kicked back in. We don't know why he lost so much weight so suddenly - all the tests were negative - but I'm glad he's getting back to sort-of-normal.

What I'm reading: Adrian Tchaikovsky, Dragonfly Falling

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I thought the porchetta worked beautifully when I roasted the whole thing. Enough spice to flavor but not too much to overpower the roast. No leftovers, either.

The rest of [ profile] etaine_pommier's birthday celebration was a lot of fun. We rented a couple nice river houses in Healdsburg. People did various combinations of wine tasting, shoe and/or antique shopping, canoeing, movie-watching, and socializing. We consumed mass quantities of very, very good food and drink.

We had a fabulous time and now my liver needs some recovery time this week.

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Yesterday was a good day.
The ceremony started at noon, but the powers that be asked students to get there at 10 for pictures. Really, to make sure we were all there. Fortunately a classmate picked me up, so that the wife, [ profile] dave_orphal, [ profile] etaine_pommier, and my dad could show up later and not have to hang around for two hours. Random chattage ensued. Alcohol was consumed. Finally we filed in, eventually walked up and received a hearty handshake and fake diploma. (The real one will be mailed to us - I am still waiting for one grade, so theoretically I could not pass.)

Low-key reception and then we walked over to the local pub for a pint (and so Dave could rest his sore tendon). Watched the Giants lose, then wandered through Laurel Heights for a bit and had a fabulous dinner at Spruce. Came home, chatted with my dad some more, then crashed.

I got up an hour ago. We both needed extra sleep today.

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I sent off my Venture Finance final today.
This means the only things that remain are an honors dinner next Friday, and then graduation.

What I'm reading: Lev Grossman, The Magicians

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The wife and I went to Cafe Jacqueline in North Beach for our anniversary. It's a hole-in-the-wall Fronch place specializing in souffles. Their crab souffle was good (in retrospect, we might have gone with the brie and broccoli) but the dessert souffle with fresh strawberries was the best I've ever had. It was about 90% better than the ones at Jeanne d'Arc (which I liked). We had way too much, so the leftovers came home for breakfast yesterday. With fresh strawberries. I'd happily go back, but maybe just to eat dessert because it was plenty.

We cracked our anniversary port last night. 2000 was a vintage year, so I bought a few bottles with the idea that we'd open them in five-year increments. (We're covered through 2020 or 2025.) The five-year wasn't ready, but we drank it anyway. This year's was a Taylor Fladgate and yeah, it was ready. Yummy. We also had a (new) chocolate/orange/almond cake from the Prolific Oven, which did our wedding cake. We're not believers in freezing the original - we'd rather eat a fresh one, and the symbolism is really the same.

Breakfast this morning: omelettes with salmon, havarti cheese, green garlic, and shallots. Topped with a bit of creme fraiche and Youk's Hot Sauce, which is made from chiles grown by our CSA folks. It's spicy but not habanero-hot, and a nicer flavor than Tabasco.

Life is good.


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