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This week's Next week's Resolution Recipe: The Jasmine Cocktail.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Election Cake.
The history is that "women would make it in massive quantities to encourage men to vote and come to town hall meetings."
Today you can either celebrate the results with it, or have something easier to swallow. I make no partisan judgments here.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Sicilian-Style Pizza.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Jack Rose cocktail.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: (Stamped) Yeasted Pasta Coins.
Mandatory caveat: this involves some hand-waving justification.
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I got a new pair of shoes for the '20s party last night - some modern wingtips. I needed a new pair of dress shoes anyway, and while these are more formal than I normally wear, it was good to complete the outfit. The party was fabulous and I had a great time dressing up and seeing friends dressed up in ways I normally don't see them. I got several compliments on my vintage '20s vest and jacket. I've never owned a vest before, so I wasn't entirely comfortable in it. It fits fine; I'm just not used to being confined like that. The only down note was accidentally popping a jacket button because I forgot to unbutton before sitting on a couch. Oops. (The jacket was that comfortable, not that I am pushing the size.) The wife spent the last week sewing a new outfit for herself and looked really good - especially with her vintage fur drape.

The inevitable fate of shoeboxes when you have a cat, of course, is that the cat decides that I got it just for him.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Lamb Proscuitto Bresaola.
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Pre- and post-sliced.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Two-Ingredient Ice Cream.
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Because I am twelve, I giggled at the picture accompanying the recipe. I don't think it's just me.

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St Rawberries

Saint Rawberries was a mystic and hermit who believed that one's rank in heaven was determined by one's rank in life. However, he interpreted this as actual body rank, and thus subsisted entirely on garlic for seven years.
He originally lived in a small village near Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire. After the first year the entire village relocated five miles upwind, leaving him as a solitary hermit.
The feast day of Saint Rawberries often coincides with the Gilroy Garlic festival.

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This week's Resolution Recipe: Whey-Cured Gravlax.
People conflating gravlax and lox is a pet peeve of mine. They are different. Lox is traditionally cured salmon belly, generally smoked. Gravlax is specifically Scandahoovian cured salmon, less fatty, unsmoked. Got it?
The linguistic derivation for each is similar, from the Middle High German lahs, salmon. Lox is via Yiddish. Gravlax comes from being buried in the ground, grav or grave.
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Oct. 13th, 2013 04:25 pm
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Paletta Cruda.
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This cracks me up more than it has any right to.

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I'll post the recipe tomorrow. In the meantime, this is part of what we're having for dinner tonight while we watch Mackers.


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USF hosted an alumni day at the game - which meant that they rented out the party area beyond the center field bleachers but really nothing else. It was "Willie Mays statue replica" day, and the lines were ridiculous. I liked the tchotchke but with only 20k being given away, I expected not to get one. I certainly didn't want to wait in the lines. So when I got to the ballpark I ducked into the Public House for half an hour and drank a beer. By then the lines were gone, but they still had plenty of giveaways and I picked mine up on the easy way in. Score!

The game was good. The good Zito showed up and it started as a pitchers' duel. My seat was directly behind home plate... but one row down from the very top. Oh well. I still had a lot of fun - and the Giants won, gaining ground on the Dodgers.

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I had two failed batches of bread in a row. This time, I let the starter sit on the counter for 10+ days, refreshing daily with strong flour. And finally, it worked.
It made very good toast for breakfast, and we're going to eat some later with fresh Dungeness crab meat.
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What I'm reading: Christopher Anvil, Rx For Chaos


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