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I woke up (late) from an odd dream today.
[Poll #1708412]Maybe it was a torn-up dollar bill -type trick? I'll never know.

What I'm reading: Scott Lynch, The Lies of Locke Lamora

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We watched about half of a '93 John Cusack film, Money For Nothing. Vaguely based on a true story, an unemployed Philly longshoreman finds $1.2mm in $100 bills that fell off an armored car. He flashes it around, tries to launder some through the mob, and ends up getting arrested as he attempts to leave the country.

We turned it off halfway, because the characters were annoying and stupid. It's a good think-piece, though. How do you spend or launder it when the feds are looking?

In fact, let's make it harder since the film was almost 20 years ago. Call it $2.5 million in $500 bills. The disappearance is on the news. What do you do with the money? Assume that (morals aside) you are keeping it. Discuss.
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[Poll #1490448]

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I always liked Peppermint Patties as a kid. Especially when you threw them into the freezer for an hour. Junior Mints, same thing.
The line from a recent S*P cracked me up and made me wonder how others feel. So, a poll:

[Poll #1481362]

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[Poll #1425359]

What I'm reading: Anton Stroud, Dead to Me

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Estimate, obviously. Although there are some of you (cough [ profile] hrj) who might have the exact measurements already.
...yes, my OCD made me go measure our shelves.

[Poll #1397694]
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A slightly wacky senior attorney here has a "Post No Bills" sign on a message board outside his office. He then put up the following:
a $1 dollar bill
a thimble (oddly, it took me a while to figure that one out)
pictures of the following:
Bill Clinton
Bill Murray
Bill Cosby
Bill Gates
Billy Idol
Billy Bob Thornton
the Schoolhouse Rock "I'm Just a Bill"
Bill the Cat
the Buffalo Bills mascot
Bill Maher

[Poll #1389268]
My boss is out today and Monday, so I'm flying solo. Hence this...

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Willie Brown, when he was Da Mayor of San Francisco, upped the municipal dress code from the prevailing "business casual" to "business". (Easy for him - he didn't ever pay for his suits and custom fedoras.) What's your opinion?

Edited to add: "Business" is suit and tie. "Business casual" is typically no tie and khakis.
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A handful of bonus points for identifying the quote. But you have to answer the poll to collect your points.

[Poll #1230579]
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Martin E. P. Seligman (president of the American Psychological Association in 1998) has described how, in 1972, he ate sauce béarnaise on steak and then became ill with what was definitely stomach flu (his colleague at work who had not eaten the steak came down with the same affliction, and his wife who had eaten the steak did not). Yet, even though he was absolutely convinced that the sauce béarnaise did not cause his illness, Seligman acquired an aversion to it.
The fuzzy upstairs neighbor and I were discussing this recently. Has this ever happened to you? If so, did you ever reverse the aversion?

Mine was Jordan almonds. When I was a kid I got violently carsick; it was not the fault of the Jordan almonds, but rather trying to read in a VW microbus driving in high winds. But there were Jordan almonds in the microbus, so I associated the smell/taste with the carsickness. I never tried to get over the aversion, mostly because outside of weddings I don't tend to see them...


Oct. 15th, 2007 08:40 am
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[Poll #1071684]
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This isn't an indictment of [ profile] bonacorsi, just a random poll.

[Poll #1056174]
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I was reading through Harold McGee's On Fud and Cooking last night and found these gems. Well, maybe some of them. You decide.

[Poll #945104]
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Somewhat paraphrased - You're given the chance to live your life over, with your current personality and mind. You can go back to any part of your life and start over.

To narrow down the reasons a bit and clarify: you have your current personality and knowledge of your current life history, but not the world's. You can change events of your life by avoiding a car crash that crippled you, but you don't know about assassinations or the events of September 11. You don't know to invest in Microsquish stock at its IPOand you can't test out of high school at the age of six. On the plus side, Star Wars in the theater will still be an awesome experience.

Clear as mud? Okay then.

[Poll #941985]
Please give your reasons and where you'd re-start, if you would, in comments.

Personally, I see no benefit in re-living junior high school and the first half of high school - I'd still be a mouthy short nerd. Yes, I'd be comfortable in my skin (which I definitely was not then). But that wouldn't make me popular or a non-bully target.

(I changed the parameters because if I could re-live with my current knowledge, I might do so solely to make myself filthy rich as an adult by buying Microsquish and Home Despot stock, "inventing" Netscape Navigator, and so forth. And preventing some mass tragedies. That's a totally different motivation.)

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I have two Resolution Recipes in the pipe and I'm having trouble deciding which to do for this week. So, since it has no relevance whatsoever, a poll.
[Poll #934869]
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The Wall St. Journal mentioned that wristwatch sales were lagging - that the only age range consistently buying them were people over 50. So, a poll:
[Poll #909920]
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[Poll #852998]We had to hang the roll going under for a while, until Galen grew out of playing with it.
If you chose #5, ew.

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...which is most if not all of you.

A bit ago someone made fun of me for how I organize my books. My method is that used by Chevy Chase in Caddyshack to compare against other golfers - by height.

Strictly speaking, I organize my books by (approximate) height and alphabetically by author. I do it that way not because I'm obsessive-compulsive (although to a degree I am, of course), but because it maximizes the number of books I can store on a bookcase. I have rarely had enough bookcases that I can shelve inefficiently...

So, a poll. How do you organize your books? I'm referring to intra-shelf organization; I have different shelves for my cookery books and my fiction, so "subject" doesn't count.

What I'm reading: Ursula Vernon, Digger vol. II


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