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Health has been annoying. The flu shot may have worked, but the death cold in January lasted way too long. And the last ten days I have been in the grip of another one.

Nothing major - just the usual sinus headache, coughing up a lung, fun stuff like that. I need to be over this. Not just because I am sick of it (weak joke, but all I am up for) but because I have Things To Do. And illness inhibits that.

(Along those lines, I am giving myself a pass on Resolution Recipes this week.)

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Apparently I've been doing these Resolution Recipes for ten years now. That's... kind of stunning.

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I haven't been in a posty mood. It's been a struggle even to keep up with Resolution Recipes (which I still do, and one of the main reasons I'm still here).

Life continues on. Very surprising and cool SCA stuff (Pelican offer); successful, albeit shorter-than-I-planned long-cured meat (Frankenham); bartering various meats for home-brew; commedia dell'arte. Lots of reading.

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I haven't posted a Resolution Recipe in a few weeks. I just haven't been inspired to do so, despite having cooked a couple of them. I'll get around to it soonish, but I'm not going to beat myself up over missing several weeks.

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One reason I use tags: dessert tonight is a lemon loaf cake. I thought I'd made it before, [ profile] bonacorsi thought I hadn't. Going back ... geez, years - it was a Resolution Recipe in 2006.

How many of these have I done?

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I was trying to find an old Resolution Recipe and I couldn't sort through that many - I've been doing them (mostly) once per week for a number of years now. The wife suggested that I classify the tags by type.

So I did that, because that appeals to my OCD-lite sense of order. The resolution tags are now split out, although there's obviously quite a bit of overlap.

...and LiveJournal still won't let me go back that far to find the recipe I was originally looking for.

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I really should know better than to try cooking something new and slightly involved on a crappy day.

Moderate rain snarled the afternoon traffic, more than doubling my commute home.

I started the recipe - chicken marinated in soy and ginger, cooked with caramelized onions and lettuce in a clay pot - by turning on the oven. It took a longer time to preheat than normal, which was a bit odd but I didn't think anything of it. When I had assembled the dish and was preparing to cook it, I opened the oven - to see the bowl of bread dough, now thoroughly ruined. I had forgotten all about it since this AM. Pity; the moist air would have helped make good bread.

Notwithstanding, I baked the chicken for the requisite time. It was done at 7:30 PM, which given my 0:dark-thirty rising time is later than I like to eat. But still. The dish looks pretty as I serve it, at least.

Then I cut into the chicken.
Still bloody.
I'll probably never try this one again. It looked good, but...

Fuck it. It's just a bad day all 'round. I'm off to take a bath and then to bed.

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Yeah, it's bad for you. But you spent all day smelling that cooking lamb, so you deserve a bit of indulgence.
Dessert! )

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Spring is here - that means fresh lamb!

Part the Second: Dinner )

What I'm reading: Orson Scott Card, Shadow of the Giant

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There were several reasons that prompted me months back to do This Public Thing - shake up my routine, introduce new dishes to the repertoire, justify (or not) my cookbooks.

They've all been successful, even if some of the individual dishes weren't. But I've been honest about that, too.
But beyond that is something I didn't expect: I've gotten a bit more inspired in cooking.
Not all the time - I still do my share of "get home from work fried, plop some jar of sauce from TJ's over meatballs or pasta". But the last few weeks, I've cooked considerably more than one new recipe per week. I haven't posted them, generally, and I won't bore you all with every new one.

But I'm cooking four things today. Breakfast, dinner entree, dinner vegetable, dessert.
Three of them are new recipes. That's a milestone of sorts.

On to the first: Breakfast! )

What I'm reading: Orson Scott Card, Shadow Puppets

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I've been reading through my sauces book, and like any good cookbook it's made me want to do lots of the recipes. "Ooh! Ginger apple compote! That'd go really well with roast pork! Hazelnut dressing! Yeah, over arugula (arugula arugula) and goat cheese! A nutmeg 'game' sauce that would go beautifully on white cake!"

I guess what I'm saying is that buying the book was not a waste. My waist, maybe...
This week: Sun-Dried Tomato Mayonnaise
Read more... )

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Another thing I like about this cookbook: it's intelligently put together. By that, I mean that the pages are thick, about twice as thick as your standard hardcover. The paper dust cover has a plastic backing. Think these things aren't important? Just lay the book down on a wet counter, as I accidentally did yesterday. The cover will buckle a bit but won't mush up because the plastic lining protects it. This is not a pretty little display-on-the-coffee-table cookbook; it's designed to be used and abused.

Okay, enough Bourdain mashing. On to the recipe!
Palette de porc a la biere
That's Pork Shoulder Stewed In Beer. )

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Just for you, two Resolution Recipes!
The Main Course: Torta Rustica con Spinaci )

Actually, I didn't make this for Valentine's Day dinner. I made Mignons de porc a l'ail instead.

Some People Start with Dessert. )

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Dauphin au Chocolat
Now, dauphin-safe! )

A recipe!

Feb. 4th, 2005 01:56 pm
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Normally I don't inflict my medieval recipe redactions on you, but that's what I chose to do as my "new" recipe this week. Suffer.
Besides, it involves large amounts of garlic! )

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My schedule is a bit weird over the next two weeks. So I did the next Resolution Recipe a day or two early.
Read more... )

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This week's Resolution Recipe is adapted from Anthony Bourdain's new cookbook. I had to pick this up (despite several broad hints, it was not given to me for Xmas) because the recipes are good basic Fronch stuff, and I love the attitude. If you've ever seen the Britcom Chef, that's what Bourdain is like in real life.

An excerpt:
"Poulet roti. That's roast chicken, numbnuts! And if you can't properly roast a damn chicken then you are one helpless, hopeless, sorry-ass bivalve in an apron. Take that apron off, wrap it around your neck, and hang yourself. You do not deserve to wear the proud garment of generations of hardworking, dedicated cooks. Turn in those clogs, too."
Now, on to the recipe! )

What I'm reading:Kevin Anderson, Hidden Empire

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I dunno, it just feels like a while since I did one. It hasn't, but my time sense is a bit screwy right now.
A Saucy Recipe! )

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I didn't do a Resolution Recipe last week. Actually, that's not true - I had planned to make Hookers' Noodles (it sounds so much nicer in Italian, "Pasta Puttanesca").

However, when I actually made the recipe, I changed a few things:
It's not tomato season, so I used homemade red sauce that I froze last summer.
I don't like anchovies, so I substituted chopped proscuitto.
The wife doesn't care much for parsley, so I omitted it.

That basically left the pasta, the capers, and the Parmesan from the original. Oh, wait! I used vermicelli rather than spaghetti.
That's more my normal method of cooking - use a recipe as a jumping-off point.

This week's recipe is much closer to the one in the cookbook. I think I'm still dumping this book, though.
Risotto con la Zucca e Piselli
or, Risotto with butternut squash and peas )

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But for the rest of us, this was yummy.

Focaccia with Onion Jam, Blue Cheese, and Walnuts
This is going to sound more complicated than it really is. Especially if you make the Onion Jam ahead of time.
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