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Yesterday was a good day.
The ceremony started at noon, but the powers that be asked students to get there at 10 for pictures. Really, to make sure we were all there. Fortunately a classmate picked me up, so that the wife, [ profile] dave_orphal, [ profile] etaine_pommier, and my dad could show up later and not have to hang around for two hours. Random chattage ensued. Alcohol was consumed. Finally we filed in, eventually walked up and received a hearty handshake and fake diploma. (The real one will be mailed to us - I am still waiting for one grade, so theoretically I could not pass.)

Low-key reception and then we walked over to the local pub for a pint (and so Dave could rest his sore tendon). Watched the Giants lose, then wandered through Laurel Heights for a bit and had a fabulous dinner at Spruce. Came home, chatted with my dad some more, then crashed.

I got up an hour ago. We both needed extra sleep today.

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I sent off my Venture Finance final today.
This means the only things that remain are an honors dinner next Friday, and then graduation.

What I'm reading: Lev Grossman, The Magicians

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We completed our two-day simulation yesterday. Our team finished third, which would have been better had there been more than three teams. Oh well - it's a pass/no pass item and it's not like we did not put in effort.
I still have a take-home final to finish. I'm about 2/3 done and I'd hoped to finish before this four-day stretch so that there would be nothing left between now and graduation. It didn't happen but I will apply myself to it over the next few days. I'll probably try to work on it on the airplane today.

Bittersweet to a certain extent. It's been a long, intense 18 months and I will miss the interaction. I'm glad I can get my life back, though. If I weren't flying out this evening, I could rebuild my social life by going to the joint birthday party.

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I'm in Half Moon Bay(ish) -- the next two days are an intensive simulation to finish up our MBA classes. As soon as this is over, I fly to Seattle for a week of CRM training. The wife and I won't see each other for basically a week and a half, so we're staying an extra night tonight as date night.

Driving along Hwy 1 was gorgeous. I'm glad we're doing this.
the view from our 3rd floor suite, courtesy of the new work-supplied iPhone )

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And so is the sheriff.
Yesterday was our last Saturday on campus -- next week is a four-day intensive, Wednesday through Saturday. The last two days are offsite in Half Moon Bay, though. The morning class was about "communication across cultures" which was pretty good. The afternoon was devoted to presentations about our 12-week marketing simulation/drink from a fire hose project. We won - sorry, that should be WE WON! so we presented last. There was much trash-talking and it was goofily fun; but it was also quite interesting to see how other teams approached the sim. We were the only ones with a plan from the beginning. We also had the most robust analysis (done by me) but at least two of the teams had impressive models in different areas.

The evening was a wine-and-cheese, during which some of the friendly trash-talking continued. I'm glad the project's over. Now I just have the 33-question Finance final to work on.

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Doom Level: currently lower, soon to be very high.

The last four sessions of Saturday school are an "intensive" -- Wednesday, April 21 through Saturday the 24th. I will be totally brain-dead by the end. But I will have nothing else until graduation in May.

Except... I will be going to Seattle for training Monday, April 26th through Friday the 30th. No time off (I don't yet know if I will be flying up Sunday or if I get one day off). I can't exactly say no, since the training is regularly scheduled and not something I can ask to do a week later.

I was vaguely thinking that we might drive up to Cloverdale Friday night since I'll be on the way, but now it's no Beltane for us either. I knew the job was dangerous when I took it, Fred.

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I got a mailer invitation to Beta Gamma Sigma - "Recognizing the outstanding academic achievements of students enrolled in business programs." They invite the top 20%, which is not exactly exclusive. (Don't get me wrong: I would rather be in the top 20%. I may give them my $70 for the privilege of putting it on my resume.)

However, their explanation of the Greek letters is, well...
"Sigma: Sigma signifies earnestness. Earnestness is enthusiasm measured by acheivement, disciplined by reason..."

And they spell "achievement" correctly later on in the paragraph.

What I'm reading: Elizabeth Bear, Dust

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I can't believe that our Strategery business plan presentation is in Comic Sans. Doesn't everyone hate that font?

Early June-ish, San Francisco will see a Ham (and Oyster) Bar. I'll certainly give it a try.

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My graduation is the Saturday of Mists Investiture.

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The good: I mailed a check off today that pays off [ profile] bonacorsi's student loans. Woohoo! (We'll ignore my growing MBA debt pile for this celebration, thankyouverymuch.)

Last night I could not find my cell phone. I searched and searched. I lost it. So I went home from my (one hour that took four) school meeting grumpily. The wife called the number, and the phone magically rang in my backpack. Where I'd searched three times before.

This morning I remembered that I needed to transfer some files to my flash drive to take to work. I did so. Then I left the flash drive on the kitchen table.

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The midterm that I spent hours on, writing the essay for the first question? (Of three, due in about a week.) The one that I freaked out about yesterday because it wasn't on my flash drives or my hard drive?

Found it. Misplaced on my work computer. Transferring to flash drive now.

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Today I left my newspapers (which were, in fact, delivered early enough) on the front stoop. At work, we had no net connectivity - or any network of any sort. I couldn't run month-end reports, or really do anything, for the first 3.5 hours of the day. I got a bit done on one of the school essays, but of course just as I was getting a good head of steam the IT guys fixed the problem.


Jan. 31st, 2010 04:01 pm
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I am working on a Stragery midterm. We choose three of nine essay questions to answer. The prof gave us some of the same questions in our Micro class essay final; he indicated that we can re-use the core of those here if we so desire.

Naturally, the Micro final questions I originally answered do not overlap.

To-do list

Jan. 31st, 2010 07:55 am
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Sunday is usually my day off, but those are going to be few and far between for the next couple months. I have school meetings Monday, Tuesday, and maybe today. Oh, and I'm on call next week for jury duty.
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I flew down to Orange County for a quarterly meeting of investment people; we were giving a presentation. It went well, we got good feedback, it's a good group.

However, the problem was the return flight. We were scheduled to leave John Wayne at 4:30. The plane was there, the crew was present, it was actually sunny.
But apparently all but three flights out of Orange County were cancelled due to weather. Ours got pushed back, pushed back, pushed back... but we eventually took off 90 minutes late. The flight was uneventful, not even bumpy.

When I got home [ profile] bonacorsi had dinner ready. I had a paper due Thursday night that I was finishing Wednesday and thought about not powering through to submit - after all, I was due to get home around 6 PM, plenty of time to write the last half page! Fortunately I made myself finish it. I could easily have been stranded in the OC with no laptop.

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I got all excited about trying the cooked-chicken sausage from Livre Fort Excellent... sadly, I forgot about needing to do schoolwork as well as other stuff around the house. I managed to stuff one 8" beef middle last night with much assistance from the wife; the rest of the batch is sealed up in the fridge, where hopefully I will be able to stuff it tonight. I'm not sure about the beef/pork dry salami. I may have to toss that if I can't get to it. That assumes that I get to the schoolwork now.

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Twelfth Night is always a bit odd as it's a cross between a regular SCA coronation, a series of cocktail parties, and a con. This year's was even odder for me because school started up again that day. Concord's not that far, so I drove directly from school and got there about 6:15 - missing the entire official event. I ate at the potluck, chatted with a few people, heard some fabulous epic poetry (and recited some from loaners), and went to bed. There were lots of people I normally enjoy talking to who I didn't get to see at all.

Sunday involved a bit more schmoozing, but mostly driving home and doing grocery shopping and laundry.

Oh well - while school looks like it is going to kick my butt for the next few months, classes will be done in April. I graduate in May. I am looking forward to re-surfacing.

In the meantime, this week's Resolution Recipe: Butternut Squash White Lasagna.
But madbaker, don't you normally hate squash? Yes, but butternut is my least non-favorite. Along with spaghetti squash. )

What I'm reading: Jim Butcher, First Lord's Fury

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My laptop wouldn't boot this morning. It's not drawing any juice when plugged in.
The wife did some research and thinks the motherboard needs repair/replacement. The laptop's about two years old and this is apparently a relatively common (but not cheap) thing. She's got a call in already.

The timing would never be good, but just before school re-starts with papers due, is certainly less than ideal. Thanks, Murphy.

Edited to add: I don't think the power connection is the primary problem. The laptop was off last night and fully charged when I unplugged it. It will not boot when plugged or un-. I noted that it was not drawing juice as an indicator that something is Deeply Wrong with the system.

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The good: [ profile] callistotoni's birthday dinner at the Jeanne d'Arc, which neither the wife nor I had been to. Good food and great company.

The bad: I had Saturday school Friday and Saturday to close out the term. Friday was fine but Saturday was devoted to "marketing with new media" - and the professor spent the first hour defining blogs. Did you know that it's a shortened form of "web log"? Her Powerpoint presentation said so!

...yeah, it was kind of a waste.

The oogly: some of my classmates got booze at lunch and got schnockered. They were then really rude and obviously not paying attention. I was bored too, but come on guys - try to be professional. A classmate hosted an "end of semester" party at the Clift Hotel; I got there, it was loud and techno dancey, I had a beer and left. Oh well.


Dec. 1st, 2009 08:54 am
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