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I can't ever see Indigenous Pan-Pipe Guy busking in BART anymore without thinking about giant hamsters.

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I may have felt exactly the way Pamjee does at her age.

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Today's Girl Genius makes me laugh. The library army's slogan - "To read what you want, you have to be FREE!"

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(conversation with a 6-year-old, after the main character has spent an afternoon with a passel of kids)
"What's a vasectomy?"
"It's happiness, Rory. It's happiness."

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Something Positive totally nailed it.
On both sides, says the guy who spent hours playing on his Atari 2600. And who now has Adventure on the phone as a free app.

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How many hungry weasels could your body feed?

Created by Oatmeal

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Apparently I'm not alone in my airplane beverage preferences.

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Randy Milholland shows his softer side... Explaining the Book of Three to a six-year-old.
Randy, it was one of my favorite books growing up too. I still have all of them.


Feb. 11th, 2011 08:56 am
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The Very Hungry Cthulu. It's a kid's book.

What I'm reading: Adrian Tchaikovsky, Blood of the Mantis

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What I'm reading: Dani Kollin and Eytan Kollin, The Unincorporated Man

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A longtime friend of mine has been writing a webcomic (Thunderstruck) for the past five years. He drew this icon for me. I was a beta reader of the first comic book-style version (photocopies of which I still have).

He's stopping the comic. For very good reasons - he's been writing a novel and it's getting some interest, so he needs the time and energy to devote to pro writing. I'm very happy for him and I wish his career well. I'll probably pick up his novel when it gets published, just 'cause.

But selfishly, I will miss his comic.

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[ profile] bonacorsi bought some saddle soap for my briefcase. I have problems saying it in any way other than "Open... Saddle soap?" [ profile] aastg and [ profile] aimeric will probably get the reference. If anyone else does, you have my simultaneous admiration and pity.

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So far, The Ombudsmen is freakin' brilliant. I don't think it will go past another week, but I can hope.

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I don't need any more T-shirts, but if I did I would so buy this one.

What I'm reading: Richard K Morgan, The Steel Remains

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Lesser-known Harrison Ford improvised lines from Empire Strikes Back.


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