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I burned my ring finger slightly when I was pulling out a steam pan from the oven. Nothing severe - it didn't even blister. However, the burn is right across my wedding ring divot, so I am keeping the ring off for the next week.
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I broke a shoelace this morning while getting ready for work. It was relatively new.
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I got up late. Partly because I didn't sleep incredibly well - the cat threw up during the night, then demanded to sit on my chest and groom my face to comfort himself. I didn't get back to sleep for a while.

That put me behind in leaving, so I watched my usual bus go by as I turned the corner towards the stop. I took my backup bus and BART instead, which gets me to work a couple minutes later (no big deal; I just generally prefer not to transfer).

When I got to the office, I discovered I'd left my ID and key inside last night. This is the first time in five years that I've done that.

Waiting for the next small shoe to drop...
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I just figured out why I'm so cold at work today.

Did you ever see some of those old TV shows set in NY or Philly or something where the super is banging around the boiler in the basement of the apartment building? Our building is over 100 years old (it has a 13th floor!) and still has a steam radiator heating system. No thermostats. It doesn't work very well; my desk is right by it and I have to crank it up and down.

Well, apparently they turned the boiler off over the weekend and didn't get it back on.
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Standing up as the bus approached my stop this morning, I somehow mis-stepped just as the bus accelerated. I lurched, lost my balance, and fell ungracefully, landing directly on my butt. One of the other two passengers asked if I was okay. I answered "The only thing hurt was my dignity." Both parts of that were true.

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Yesterday I sweltered. It was 78 in our bedroom!
Today, with only one other cow-orker coming in to the office (and he's not here yet) I went casual and comfortable with a short-sleeve polo shirt instead of my usual Oxford.

Of course, it's currently 61 degrees. I had to put on my emergency fleece.

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I out-clevered myself. I hate when I do that.
Long story short, I had to restore our personal finances file backup from six weeks ago and re-create it from there.

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There have been storms here. This is good - we need the water. However. Friday afternoon, a sidewalk tree out front two houses down uprooted and fell with a CRACK! that scared the cat, who was until then sleeping happily in his bed by the window. Said tree pulled down a cable from the overhead power lines. It didn't sever it, but the cable was on the sidewalk right in front of our house where anyone could walk on it, pull it, etc.

We immediately called the power company. They sent somebody out within an hour (as you'd expect); it turned out to be a harmless phone cable from our house. PG&E cut it and stashed it out of the way... Which severed all our internet and phone capability. I'm not blaming PG&E one bit here; this was the right public safety thing to do.

An hour on the phone with A&T later, they promised to have someone come by Saturday afternoon. He was an hour past the end of the four-hour window. He showed up, said "I can't fix this" and left. Apparently our phone call stating “We have a downed cable missing seven feet” was logged as “customer has exposed wire”. The wife had an understandable meltdown.

Supposedly they’re coming to fix it today for reals this time. Color me skeptical. AT&T, you suck. Considering the amount of time we’ve had to waste navigating their phone trees and being wrongly transferred multiple times over the last month -- if we had any realistic alternative, we’d be taking it in a heartbeat.

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I didn't sleep well until I fell back asleep less than an hour before my alarm, at which point I had a very vivid and strange SCA-related dream. Then I got in to the office and discovered I left my phone at home.

Those are grounds for going home and taking the rest of the day off, right?

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I didn't sleep well last night. More accurately, I slept fine until 2 AM or so, at which point I was awake for a couple hours.
I made it into work on time, remarkably, but decided I would pre-empt and get a second cup of coffee on the way in. Went to my usual semi-gourmet place, got my black coffee.

They gave me tea by mistake.

I can't muster up any outrage to go back, and I like tea well enough, so I'll drink it. But.
Oh, and the newspaper wasn't delivered today. In a sleazy turn, the paper doesn't give you the option of a credit for the missed delivery. A redelivery won't help me - I'm at work, morons.

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We bought some high-protein kitten food to sneak into Galen's unicorn meat (aka the low-stress-to-the-digestive-system food we buy from the vet). Since he's a snacker rather than a gulper, we can't really change how much he eats. We can only try to increase the number of calories he gets per meal, and hope that some of that sticks so he can gain weight back to his more normal 10 lbs.

He's mildly picky. More on routine than on content, but there are times when he'll just refuse to change. (Like when we tried to change his brand of litter, and he just didn't use the box for a day. Until we bought some of the old stuff, and then he used it three times in an hour in relief.) As suggested numerous places, we mixed in some of the kitten food with his regular stuff to make it less changey.

...I'm not sure we need have bothered. I liken the unicorn meat to melba toast: it's somewhat bland to make digestion easier. (By cat standards. It still has to be stinky, and of course it's meat, not bread.) By contrast the kitten food is butter and jam. He yummed it right up and has been eating (and using the litter box) more. Also throwing up a lot less, which we think is the main problem with his weight loss.

Which brings me to this morning. As I got ready for work my slipper slid a bit on the floor. That usually means cat puke, and it did here. I grumbled a bit, taking off my slipper to make sure I didn't track it anywhere else in the house, and got paper towels to clean it up. As I finished that... splut. I stepped in a secondary pool with my bare foot.

So how's your day starting?

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I could blame this on the coffee not kicking in, but that wouldn't really be accurate.
Scene: I get on the elevator in the office along with another man. We both push our floor buttons.
Nothing happens. Oh right, it's before seven AM and we have to swipe our badges. I do so and push the button for my floor. Nothing happens. Repeat several times. The other man swipes his, pushes the button for his floor, and we start moving.

That's when I realize I've been using my Muni transit card instead of my badge.

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Guess whose raincoat needs another coat of water-proofing? Guess how I discovered this?

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I washed my car Thursday. (It was more about shampooing the carpets and getting invader psychic stink out.) Today it is raining.

We need the rain, so I'm glad about that - but did it really need to start when I had the hot smoker left out overnight after smoking a roast chicken? Now I'll not only have to wipe it down and oil it to lower the amount of rust we get, but I also have two pans of charcoal ash water to deal with.

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It's been bitterly cold this week, so we planned to have onion soup tonight for dinner. Naturally, today it's significantly warmer.

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I'm in the Mill Valley office today. About 2/3 of the way there, I realized that my very-carefully-planned lunch was sitting on the counter at home.
And when I got into the office, the laptop deck and keyboard were missing.

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I consider myself fortunate that I did not discover the cat puke on my chair cushion via my butt.

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I opened the cupboard to put away groceries and a nearly-full bottle jumped out, committing suicide. It fell onto the granite counter and exploded.

At least the kitchen, my shirt, and jeans all are now nicely vanilla-scented.

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So I'm typing away here at work, and the right lens from my computer reading glasses jumps out of the frame.
I mean "jump". The screw apparently fell out... sometime... and the release of pressure arced it a few feet.

The only appropriate phrase here? My glasses are screwed.

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I woke up at 5 AM today. Because I changed the clock the wrong direction, so the 7 AM alarm went off two hours early.

It let me remember my dream, though. I was serving the Queen of the West* by holding on to her small dog. I had attached the leash to my hat, and when the dog took off running, there went my hat.

Apparently my subconscious needs some talking to.

*Not the current or upcoming, or even a previous Queen. A generic dream queen-figure.


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