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I took Friday off. Originally it was so that we could go to A&S. But around Tuesday the wife and I looked at each other and said "Idonwanna." Instead of spending Wednesday cooking, Thursday packing, Friday driving and setting up, then Sunday breaking camp, packing, driving, and unpacking - I did not much of anything Friday. It was kind of glorious.

The downside was that we still had to go to the event. It's a Kingdom-level event, and that's part of the current set of responsibilities. We day-tripped which made for a very long day. We left the house at 7 AM and got back around 9:30 PM. But we did get to spend the night in our own bed...

It's disturbing how much work piles up when I'm off for a day. Back to it.

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I took Thursday and Friday off for my birthday. I didn't realize how much I needed a real vacation day - most of the others have been SCA-related travel days. This? I slept in, we went to look at art, I drank Irish coffee, we went out to dinner. It was utterly relaxing.

Now, (sigh) back to work.

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After talking with a cow-orker last Friday, I realized the last full vacation days I took were in July 2012. Granted, I took more than a week then, and I've taken a number of half-days. But it's not really the same thing.

My boss doesn't mind if I take time off. It's more that without actual vacation accrual, I didn't notice. And there's always work that needs to get done. But I'm feeling stretched (especially after last weekend, which needs its own post that I haven't gotten to).

So, I'm taking Thursday and Friday off. Totally and completely. Also, I plan to take at least one full day off every month from now on.

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I'm in Half Moon Bay(ish) -- the next two days are an intensive simulation to finish up our MBA classes. As soon as this is over, I fly to Seattle for a week of CRM training. The wife and I won't see each other for basically a week and a half, so we're staying an extra night tonight as date night.

Driving along Hwy 1 was gorgeous. I'm glad we're doing this.
the view from our 3rd floor suite, courtesy of the new work-supplied iPhone )

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[ profile] bonacorsi picked me up at work, I changed out of the suit, and we headed over to the Golden Gate Bridge. It was windy and cold. And loud with all the cars whooshing by. But hey, we walked across and back. Made it to the Pelican Inn with no problems.

Except that they didn't have a record of our reservation, and they were full.
I don't know what happened. But they called up to the Mountain Home Inn up on the ridge owned by the same people - they had a cancellation, so we got a room there at the same rate. What the hey. It wasn't the same experience, but still pretty nice (and our rate was definitely cheaper than the standard). The breakfast wasn't as nice, but that's relatively minor.

Since we were already up on the ridge, we decided to hike along the "Panoramic Trail" down to the Tourist Club, a private club that opens its beer garden to passers-by. The fog meant that the panoramic view was entirely grey. Unfortunately we took a wrong trail turn and hiked much farther than we anticipated... and it turns out that the Tourist Club is only open on weekends. By the time we got back to the car we were both feeling the walk.

But we stopped by A16 for a late lunch (pig ear terrine and pizzas) and that was a lovely way to end the trip. Galen obviously missed us - he sat on my lap as we watched Robot Chicken Star Wars, and then jumped up on the bed around 9. He stayed between my knees until I got up at 4:30, and he moved to the wife's knees to make sure she wasn't going anywhere.

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I am counting down the hours. This afternoon the wife is picking me up from work for a one-day vacation. We're going to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and back (she's never done it, for me it's been 30 years) and spend the night near Muir Woods. Tomorrow we're going to hike about and then eventually go home. Back to work on Friday.

I've been needing a vacation that's relatively cheap and close, and the wife came up with this fabulous idea. When can I leave work again?

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One of the few places open for Thanksgiving here is 301. Our menu was:
spicy Butternut Squash soup with creme fraiche and a fried sage leaf
Turkey leg confit salad with dried cranberries and persimmons
an intermezzo of lemon sorbet
Pan-roasted turkey breast with a yam cake, brioche stuffing, cranberry gelee, and greens from their garden
Pumpkin tart with lemon verbena chantilly.
Their intent was to do a more-or-less traditional dinner, but tweaked slightly. It was excellent.

(The server took pains to recommend eating the fried sage leaf. We're well familiar with the yumminess of fried sage leaves, having garnished food with them at Bardic.)

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Nice fish dinner with dad. He comes here every year, so he's scouted out many of the restaurants and has his favorites.

The ending of dinner, though, was a little more... exciting than planned.

We were finishing up. Dad lost his train of thought mid-sentence, lost color in his face, and slumped face-first to the table. When he didn't respond, the restaurant called the paramedics. Shortly thereafter he recovered and was fine... until it happened again.

The paramedics arrived, gave him oxygen, and had him lie down. We persuaded him to go to the hospital for tests ("But I don't want to be a bother!"). It turns out that he had given blood that morning and then didn't drink any water with dinner while having a couple glasses of wine - basically he fainted from low blood pressure. Fortunately not serious, but no biscuit.

It could have been a lot worse. Thanks giving, indeed.

Edited to add: (No, we didn't skip out on the check.)

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We're in the wilds of Eureka for the next few days, spending Thanksgiving with my dad. The drive up was surprisingly free of traffic problems; and the weather was beautiful. We had a bit of extra time so we drove along the Avenue of the Giants, which [ profile] bonacorsi had never done.

We stopped in Healdsburg for lunch and ended up eating at an old tacqueria across the street from a police station. We figured that if it had been there that long, it was probably okay. The food was fine - nothing special, but we live in the land of good tacquerias so we may be spoiled.

The bed & breakfast seems nice; breakfast is in half an hour. Yes, I lugged the laptop along just in case they have wireless (which they do). Now I don't have to put aside my internets for several days.

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All The Way Home
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What I read: Lisa Goldstein, Dark Cities Underground

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Out and About in Berlin
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Wedding Day.
Twa = Three Ravens? )

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Berlin to Kahla, and the Difficulties of Non-Communication
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One man's fish is another man's poisson )
Ah have always depended on the kindness of strangers.

What I read: Elizabeth Bear, Undertow

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There will be pictures at some point over at [ profile] bonacorsi's journal. I'm not going to kvetch about their lack now, however - she's been busy locating our missing frequent flyer miles, helping with the shopping for Bardic, getting paper for mask-making on Sunday, etc etc etc.

London to Berlin
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What I read: Michael Stackpole, The New World

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Second (and only full) Day in London
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What I read: Jamie Malanowski, The Coup

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[ profile] bonacorsi took all the pictures, and she plans to post a selection. I may hint at a few I'd like her to post, though.
Travel to and First Day in London
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What I read: Harry Turtledove, In At the Death; Patricia Bray, Sea Change

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We're home. We had a good time. Long posts later.

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Avenue Q was hilarious. The puppet sex... especially considering they have no lower halves, wow. The only bit that didn't work as well as it should have was "Schadenfreude", which surprised me since I rather like the song. Oh well.
The company was also extremely pleasant ([ profile] vitrarius, [ profile] moira_ramsay, [ profile] etaine_pommier, and J.) Dinner at Chow was nice.

All in all, a good day. We'll be in Germany for the next eight days, so I doubt we'll have access to teh intarwebs. Take care, everyone! Long postings when we return.
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The delayed-anniversary trip was exactly what we were looking for: some good food, a visit with friends, much relaxing.

We've been to Edgefield before, but that was roughly eight years ago. It's still nice. I drank more beer there than I have in the last two months put together (which, granted, is not a huge quantity).

Weather was grey and rainy, but that's Oregon for you.
Much carnage at the woolen mills and fabric stores. [ profile] bonacorsi did some creative packing for the return trip - even with the additional bag we'd brought.
Dinner at Wildwood was good; not spectacular, but I am so stealing the idea of roasted asparagus wrapped with proscuitto.

We saw Music and Lyrics, a chick-flick much enhanced by their serving beer in the theater. Although Hugh Grant made a good washed-up '80s pop star.


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