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I've been utterly flat all week. I can't point to one thing making me sleep badly, or getting to bed late, or any of the usual suspects. Just... flat.

Oh well. I'm taking a day off in a couple weeks. Maybe that will help (but I really need help now).
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Beet Risotto.
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So sleepy. Galen was clingy because we were gone this weekend, which didn't make it easier to get up when he was cuddled around my ankles.
I left my lunch at home.
I missed two buses by approximately 30 seconds each.
I went to the bathroom and locked myself out of the office.
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I've generated a few extra Resolution Recipes that I will post in the next few weeks. Rather than get even further ahead, here is a bonus mid-week Resolution Recipe: the Mott and Mulberry cocktail.
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I slept poorly. When I finally fell back asleep, I dreamed I was wandering around downtown Phoenix*. I did wonder why the 7-11* and Denny's* were playing the same classical music. Eventually I woke up enough to realize that was my alarm, which is set to the local listener-supported classical music station. I was too tired for said alarm to actually wake me up.

Then BART was oddly packed, which meant that I couldn't pull out the paper. Instead I just stood there, hanging on a strap, feeling like a dead-eyed wage slave.

*-analogue. It was pretty clearly not the real thing, although I could tell that it was simultaneously supposed to be and yet different, while not breaking the dream. Dream logic is weird.
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Bread is rising. Sourdough English muffins were made and mostly consumed. With house-cured bacon and house-made jam. (Alongside and on top respectively, for those playing at home. House.)
I have a large pile of dishes to do, and strawberry ice cream from last night still freezing to US-hard pack status. Which we could eat right now, and oh I want to because last night's spoon sample was the best ice cream I've ever made. But dinner tonight is a somewhat-uninspiring kale and groat pottage from a 13th c. English source, and so the ice cream is being saved as a treat for testing the pottage.

Also along the uninspired axis, I bought some pork to hand-chop with the Knives of SnottinessTM for Lucanian sausage. I need to get some things curing - mostly for the February WCCS class, but also to kick-start my charcuterie creativity again. Unfortunately I'm not feeling it. I came up with a viable cheat though: the class is about the difference that hand-chopping vs. grinding makes (or doesn't!). So I can do the two middle variations of the four, and grind both sets. I just have to hand-chop fat to add to one. That will be significantly less work but still progress.
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This Next week's Resolution Recipe: (Yeast) Hearth Bread.
This was made, so here it is.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Skillet Apple Charlotte.
"A classic apple charlotte has a crust of buttered bread slices filled with caramelized apples. In this quick version, apple wedges are sauteed with honey and maple syrup, topped with buttered toast, and turned out of the pan like a tarte Tatin." -Jacques Pepin
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The other night, I was awakened (awoken?) by a "THUMP! Scrabble scrabble scrabble. [pause] Scrabble scrabble scrabble. [pause] Plaintive meow?"

Galen jumped into our vertical laundry hamper, and then couldn't get back out.
I was torn between sympathy and laughing hysterically. Mostly the latter.
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I have a balanced trial Q3 report*, after a few minor adjustments to figure out why the first draft was off. Turns out the majority of the shortfall was an error in the spreadsheet formula. Guess I get to report it tonight to The Powers That Be - at least it will hopefully prevent other people from having the same problem.

* It won't be official until next week sometime when I get the month-end bank statement. But assuming things don't change between now and end-of-day Friday, I'm done. Which means I can focus on helping the other groups get theirs done.

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This week's Resolution Recipe: (Shortcut) West Indian Rum Punch.
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Sep. 18th, 2017 11:31 am
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Kale-Walnut Saute with Pan-Roasted Pork Chops.
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One of the apple guys at the farmers' market had quinces. So now my weekend project list has suddenly expanded to making cotignac.
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I may be all by myself in the office today (or the intern might show up, I'm not sure). Either way hopefully I will be able to get a lot done, because one cow-orker is in Hawaii this week and another is taking three weeks off to get married and honeymoon. The nerve!

I have a work thing after work tonight, so I'm also staying late. I had planned to bring my home laptop, so that I could do some work on my volunteer job between work and the work thing. But I forgot this morning.
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I burned my ring finger slightly when I was pulling out a steam pan from the oven. Nothing severe - it didn't even blister. However, the burn is right across my wedding ring divot, so I am keeping the ring off for the next week.


Sep. 10th, 2017 12:59 pm
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Old-School Deli Rye.
"When Americans think of rye bread, most envision the football-shaped rye breads that came from neighborhood Jewish or German bakeries. This old-style Jewish rye traces its roots to the breads of Ukraine and southern Poland, which produced both rye and wheat... this is the bread that sets the standard for authentic New York-style corned beef, pastrami, and Reuben sandwiches."
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The heat came back after a couple spatters of sky-water. The mugginess made it feel like it was 10 degrees warmer.
The only one who slept well was the cat, but he gets plenty of practice. Between 3-day-weekend work catchup and the fatigue, it's a rough Monday Tuesday.
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This week's Resolution Recipe: Boiled Scrambled Eggses.
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Uuugh. I got to sleep late because of the heat. Then the smoke alarm decided to chirp at 0-dark-thirty and I never got back to sleep.
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Ten points to anyone who gets the header reference.

This week's Resolution Recipe: Rough Puff Pastry.
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