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I burned my ring finger slightly when I was pulling out a steam pan from the oven. Nothing severe - it didn't even blister. However, the burn is right across my wedding ring divot, so I am keeping the ring off for the next week.
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I didn't have a great night. I woke up around 2 AM with a sinus headache that persisted. It escalated to medium hangover-feeling status (fortunately, without some of the more extreme symptoms I sometimes get). I've mostly medicated it into submission but I'm tired and blah. Work ethic level: low.
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All things must end. For the first time in my life, I have a dental cavity.
Also, I need to start using a night guard. Stress (of the two jobs, undoubtedly) is making me grind my teeth.
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I went to SF in SF for the first time in quite a while last night. They often run them on Sunday evenings, so I tend not to go unless there's an author I want to hear/get books signed. In this case it was two - one local, one formerly local now in Oregon. I've quite enjoyed both their books, which are quite different but maybe share a sense of humor. I haven't quite enjoyed them enough to buy them; my bar for buying books has gotten pretty high the last five years.

Megan O'Keefe has written a steampunkish fantasy trilogy centering around two con artists. I like well-done heist novels, and the characters are fun. (Plus the interactions are Wodehouse-esque.) Curtis Chen has written a couple sci-fi novels about a spy with a superpower (he can open a "pocket" to an empty parallel universe, which is handy for storing stuff). But the spy is hardly James Bond; he's a total amateur.

Both authors read from a couple of their works and took questions. I enjoyed it. The only downside was suffering a major calf cramp as I jogged across a busy intersection. I couldn't exactly do anything about it, and limping the 3 blocks to where I parked didn't help matters. It's better today although still bugging me.
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My calf seized up in the middle of the night. I hate that. This wasn't even a "rotate the ankle and the calf seizes up" - it just spontaneously did. It's still sore.

In other news, BART had problems and I was quite late to work today. So I should probably get back to it.

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Oof. At the risk of over-sharing, my digestive system has been unhappy with me for the last couple days. I suspect that the cause was one of the root vegetables I roasted for the curry. There was also lamb, but it was a hippy lamb that has caused me no problems in the past.

I don't think I'll finish the leftovers. Which is a shame; it was tasty. But it's not worth the distress.
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Ugh. I habe a code. I'b hade id sidce last week.
I was getting better, but then I went to Crown. Fortunately I wasn't camping (and setting up / breaking down the encampment) but still, I didn't sleep well and I probably overstressed my body, prolonging the cold.

I think I'm going home early today for a nap. I might work from home tomorrow so I can nap there too.

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I habe a code, but so far it's been a fairly quick one. (knocks on wood)
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Semi-annual dentist visit yesterday, and my lifetime streak of no cavities continues. I had very late teeth as a kid (lost my first tooth a couple-three years after the average), but they are apparently pretty solid. That caused quite a few problems with childhood orthodontia but at least has paid off post-high school.

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Yesterday I had a migraine headache that just wouldn't go away. It's still there today.
The reason I am not calling it a migraine? I thankfully had none of the usual side effects. While having a sinus headache is painful and irritating, I am glad to skip the nausea and other fun parts.

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Because I woke up at 1 AM with a sinus headache. Fortunately, it wasn't a full-blown migraine. Unfortunately, it still kept me awake in pain. Fortunately, I had enough presence of mind to take a half nuke-from-orbit med dose. Unfortunately, that still kept me awake due to the caffeine.

So, sleepy today.

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(Ten points to the person who calls the header reference. Minus five points if you have to use a search engine to do it.)
It was hot last night. I did not sleep well. Also, I bruised my tailbone in my bus fall. Occasionally I sit down and wince in pain.

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The streets are wet. We have heavy mist and low fog. I knew this before I stepped outside -- I had a mild immaculate hangover this morning from the pressure change.
I've taken a half dose of my OTC drug, a long hot shower, and my usual migraine breakfast: ramen. It's not great for me, but the combination of salt / spice / steam / sweat really helps. I'm working from home as usual, which also helps, because I can take a sandbag break or have some ginger tea to help settle my stomach.

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The shoulder pain got so bad that I couldn't lift my arm past horizontal. I actually tried to make a doctor's appointment. I knew full well this would likely result in a one-week wait followed by "It's cleared up, so, um..." and honestly the clearing up was really the goal here. I'd forgotten exactly why I don't have an assigned primary care GP physician: finding one sucks.

Our work insurance is middling. It's at least not Cigna, which I had a couple employers ago, and whose model is similar to Dell's and AT&T: make the process as painful as possible so that your customers go away in frustration and you don't have to pay for what they want. It's also not Kaiser, which can be really annoying with its rationing (hello single-payer!) but is really good at some of the basics (which is mostly what I want). Oh well; my boss really doesn't want Kaiser because one of his kids has some weird medical problems so we're never going to get it.

Anyway. I launched the website and searched for GPs accepting new patients. Found a few close by that looked reasonable (I mean, how do you check? Yelp isn't exactly set up for this) and started calling.
1) no response.
2) doctor no longer with that practice.
3) no response.
4) doctor no longer with that practice.
5) give up.

Instead, last night the wife applied several doses of liniment (side note: what is the difference between liniment, ointment, and unguent? Is there one? I wish I still had access to the OED) and I took a heavy dose of knockout OTC sleep drug, on the theory that I was doing something wrong. Apparently that was the case: this morning I have a muscle ache, not a stabbing pain.

Now to try to figure out what it is I am doing during the night... and how to fix it. It's progress, anyway.
But I still need to find a general practitioner on general principles.

Ow ow ow

Jul. 26th, 2016 07:10 am
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I've been having some sporadic shoulder pain. Today it was a throbbing hot poker that actually made me cry out in surprise when I tried to lift my arm.
Getting older sucks, although it generally beats the alternative.

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I had an off-and-on-again mild headache around the time I left work. It didn't go away at home, although it didn't get any worse... until about midnight when I woke up with a standard-for-me migraine developing. My temperature was cycling and my nose was starting to run along with the vise on my temples. Fortunately I got up and took a half dose of my nuke-it-from-orbit Excedrin and had the wife heat up a sandbag for my head. That took enough off that it didn't get any worse.

The downside was that I didn't sleep well, partly due to the caffeine in the Excedrin. From experience though, I won't sleep at all if I'm trying to suffer through a migraine. Feeling better today albeit tired.

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I habe a code. I blame the petri-dish Hall of Justice, but apparently significant numbers of people also got sick from Crown last week. Who knows? I am feeling better today, but also trying not to push it. I may work from home tomorrow.
Coronet blah blah )

Today: dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, probably some exchequer stuff.

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Over Thanksgiving I was chatting with Dani about my weather pressure-induced migraines. She suggested applying (ETA: black) pepper oil to the temples. Given that I'd been having several, more intense ones for several weeks (my normal rate is one a month or so) I decided to try it. It seemed unlikely to hurt me; at worst I'd be a slightly more pungent snack for a predator.

Does it work? Shrug. I have had fewer and less debilitating migraines since I started applying a daily post-shower drop to my temples. But given that I don't have any way to compare to a baseline - and don't really believe the woo-woo claims about aromatherapy etc. - I'm going with placebo. And yet... I will still be using it. On the off chance that it is in fact helping.

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Rain, rain, don't go away. However, I would appreciate a lack of sudden pressure changes. Apparently there was enough of one that I woke up around 1 AM with a micro-migraine, really more the Immaculate Hangover than a real me-sized migraine. (Which is still very small by real migraine sufferer standards. Believe me, I am thankful for that.) I eventually got up and took a pill, which further eventually got rid of the sinus headache. I did not get back to sleep until close to 4 though. Did I mention my alarm goes off at 5?

So, yeah. Kind of dragging today.

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Too damn many migraines this week. One woke me up a couple hours after I went to bed last night. And I can't point at any triggers other than possibly the weather.


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