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Yesterday's wedding was lovely. It fit them very well, which is the best thing I think you can say about a wedding.

Traffic was appalling. The wedding was scheduled for 4 PM; we left a bit before noon, on the theory that it would take us two hours to get there, leaving plenty of time to check in to our nearby motel, change, and get there. Ha! We got to the room a bit after 3 PM. Everyone was apparently going to the beach in Santa Cruz, the mushroom festival in Gilroy, or the car-racing thingy in Monterey. Stop and go the whole way.

Still, we made it - we got to the theater around quarter to 4. The couple had built in extra time and with all the panicked messages, pushed back the ceremony until 4:45 to allow more people to arrive. We had fun.

Getting a motel room nearby turned out to be the absolute right choice; there was a car accident in Salinas which caused yet more traffic jams. If we'd tried to drive back it would have been another 3+ hours, and this time it would have been fighting sleep. Instead we had an adequate, relaxing night; a better-than-expected breakfast at a local diner; and an easy trip back marred only by the Giants not playing well on the radio.

Scallops are cooking sous vide and chicken legs will follow for tomorrow night's dinner. Today should be a nice low-key day - what's left of it, anyway.


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