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I out-clevered myself. I hate when I do that.
Long story short, I had to restore our personal finances file backup from six weeks ago and re-create it from there.

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I work in finance. So why haven't I looked into refinancing my student loans any time in the last five years?

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We have a new water heater. Our credit card has a heftier balance. Soon, there will be hot showers.

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A few weeks ago we paid large sums of money to have our front sidewalk, driveway, and rear pit torn up and re-concreted. It was well worth it - we went in with two neighboring houses - to improve the curb appeal, as well as get it done before the city ticketed us for the broken-up sidewalk. Which, by the way, was in large part due to the city-planted tree that the neighbors have to pay for to maintain. And whose roots were repeatedly clogging the two houses' pipes...

But anyway. The wife and I called in our local plumber to fix a tub leak; while he was there, we wanted him to look at the house outside drain, which was clogging up.

It turns out the concrete contractors filled in the drain with cement.
Sigh. The fuzzy upstairs neighbor has called them and they'll be coming it to look at it. I have this perhaps-unfounded fear that they'll simply jackhammer out the cement, completely breaking our sewer pipe.

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Wallet found, crisis averted.


Oct. 18th, 2010 08:17 am
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I don't usually hate Mondays. However, getting ready to leave for work this morning - "where's my wallet?"
Huh. Not on table, not on dresser. Must be in box from event Saturday, or in wife's purse.
Nope. Okay, now I'm concerned. Check car. Now I'm worried. Get wife up and have her look everywhere she can think of while I turn house and car upside-down several times.

Still nothing. The last time I knew I had it was at Skyline Park Saturday. I'm not seeing any activity on the credit cards, so I'm hoping that the wallet is somewhere in the house. I really don't want to have to get all new cards, driver's license, and so forth. That's far more annoying than losing the just-gone-to-the-ATM cash in the wallet.

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Anyone got a spare $7.5 million? This former Gothic revival church in SF is up for sale.

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The good: I mailed a check off today that pays off [ profile] bonacorsi's student loans. Woohoo! (We'll ignore my growing MBA debt pile for this celebration, thankyouverymuch.)

Last night I could not find my cell phone. I searched and searched. I lost it. So I went home from my (one hour that took four) school meeting grumpily. The wife called the number, and the phone magically rang in my backpack. Where I'd searched three times before.

This morning I remembered that I needed to transfer some files to my flash drive to take to work. I did so. Then I left the flash drive on the kitchen table.


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